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A110-50 in detail and production Alpine coming to 2012 Paris Auto Show.

I fell hard for the Renault Alpine A110-50 Concept  introduced on May 25th at the Monaco Grand Prix.  Here are some fantastic close-up detail shots of the concept, confirming that the level of detail is just beautiful on it.  From the success of the concept, it appears we are going to see some sort of a production Alpine concept at the Paris Auto Show in the Autumn.  I’m really not sure how finished of a product we may see—however i’m quite confident based on people i’ve spoken to that there will be something on display at the Paris show resembling a production Alpine, at least in concept form.

50 years ago, Jean Redele introduced the production Alpine A110 at the 1962 Paris Auto Show.  Renault is going to do something similar with a production, street-version of the A110-50.  As usual, IEDEI will be ahead of the game when it comes to publishing news about it!

Click to enlarge these brilliant photos by one day one tone:


src: oneDayOneTone

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