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Singer Porsche. #2.

Rob Dickinson’s Singer company are likely making the nicest and most detail oriented 911s on the market right now, and I have to say that the new white Singer Porsche 911 is absolutely stunning, i especially love the contrasted Green leather buckets.  Of course these cars are tailor-made for their customers, with every attention paid to the detail of the fittings, colours, and materials used.  There is a price to pay, however in my honest opinion—-it is money well spent for a 911 of a lifetime.

I’ve spoken to Rob in the past, and he’s told me that the Singer 911s start at around $190k, and go up to over $300k depending on the demands of the customer.



you can go to the SINGER site and download ALL of the Singer 911 photos in a single file, if you click the link at the top of their page:



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Auto Union D-Type going to auction again…


In 2007, there was much hype around this D-Type going to Christie’s auction, where it was expecting to fetch extraordinary amounts of money—however it was revealed around the time of that auction, that the Ukranian gentleman who had rescued this car in the 80s and restored it—lied about its history.  It was never a 1st place car, the best it ever did was get 6th place with Hans Stuck behind the wheel in the 1939 French GP.   This caused such a stir within the stuck-up pursed lips auction community, that the car was withdrawn from that 2007 auction.

The car goes to auction again this August, at Bonhams & Butterfields.  Probably some pompous old guy will pick it up for between $5-10 million…

Amazing car though…

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