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foto of the day. 700 RS.

Hans Stuck behind the wheel of the BMW 700 RS, i believe from 1961 (?)

src: ausmotive

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foto of the day. 1934.

Hans Stuck behind the wheel of his Auto Union at the GP L’Acf.

via: Taurtoise

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Audi 90 IMSA GTO and Trans-am 200 quattro prints.

I can never get enough of the Audi 90 IMSA GTO, and these beautiful prints were done by an artist named Colin Carter.  They are available to purchase in print form, autographed by Hurley Haywood, Hans Stuck, and the artist for a reasonable $69.


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Silver Arrows: Auto Union video.

Hosted by Alain De Cadanet, a very cool look into Pre-WW2 Grand Prix race cars made by Auto Union.  Amazing footage in this video….



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Auto Union D-Type going to auction again…


In 2007, there was much hype around this D-Type going to Christie’s auction, where it was expecting to fetch extraordinary amounts of money—however it was revealed around the time of that auction, that the Ukranian gentleman who had rescued this car in the 80s and restored it—lied about its history.  It was never a 1st place car, the best it ever did was get 6th place with Hans Stuck behind the wheel in the 1939 French GP.   This caused such a stir within the stuck-up pursed lips auction community, that the car was withdrawn from that 2007 auction.

The car goes to auction again this August, at Bonhams & Butterfields.  Probably some pompous old guy will pick it up for between $5-10 million…

Amazing car though…

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