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time to let Tesla Motors fade away

Tesla Motors has never been a company which has been able to back up their rhetoric with a product as advertised, market or sell anything other than a rebodied Lotus Elise with a bunch of batteries in it, OR bring anything to the market as they’ve promised in the past.  Instead, they have sucked money out of the US Government, Toyota, and floating a stock IPO.  What’s the result?  Well the US Government had given them $465m in financial grants, and they have produced 1000 jobs.  really? Where did that money go?

Word to Tesla—-if you’re going to pull a scam, don’t get the government involved—–because YOU are gonna get burned in the end.   The public has their eye on you, and the image of Tesla Motors ain’t so good right now.  I’m not sure what kind of dream land the people in this company think they’re in, however in my opinion “all hype and dead products” companies like Tesla should be left out to dry.

Here’s to the US government NOT granting you more money, as you are asking.  Maybe they’ll get smart and fund a company that doesn’t talk so much smack, and actually produces something worthwhile.

To Tesla?  If you convince me that you have a product worth developing and selling, i might retract these opinions; but as of right now I have no reason to believe any of this is worth taxpayer money.  Everything i’ve seen by Tesla looks like a business pitch, an opportunistic one at that.

source: http://blog.sfgate.com/energy/2011/09/23/tesla-another-loan-please/

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off topic: donating to Haiti

My ‘other’ career is in health care.  The problems in Haiti after the earthquake have created a dire situation with a sincere lack of supplies, infrastructure, and materials to provide appropriate health care for people in need.

I would highly encourage people to donate some money to the cause.  Even a little bit goes a long way.  Sometimes it is difficult to know which charity or fund to donate to.  I’ve provided a link to the PARTNERS IN HEALTH website out of Boston, which provides medical staff, make shift clinics, and supplies to the current situation in Haiti.  A worthy cause, and a solid organization so you KNOW your money is going to the right places.



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