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if i owned a Renault 5 Turbo…

or an Alpine—–I would definitely want this entourage of hyperactive french mechanics following me around, waiting for something to happen!

(this is sort of like a ‘foto of the day’ as IEDEI used to do…..but is just not arsed to do anymore! ha)


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foto of the day. 5s.

A transporter full of Renault 5 Turbos—–sweet!

src: boxFlares

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foto of the day. R5/A310

love this picture. ┬álove these 2 cars. ┬ápeople don’t seem to understand just HOW SMALL some of the Alpine cars were….the A110 makes the Lotus Elise look like a massive supercar……and by this pic, you can see how tiny even the larger A310 was…


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