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foto of the day. A310.

to follow up the video of the day, a classic pic of an Alpine A310, giving you an idea of its overenthusiastic wheel arches and over the top body kit—-but i still love it so!  this one is from 1978, if my notes are correct.

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foto of the day. A310.

So the Alpine A110 is the holy grail of all cars for me…..however, these days i’m starting to get interested in the A310 as well…..so once i get my A110, maybe i can get an A310 to join it in the garage?  yeah, DREAM ON, IEDEI!

Here’s a nice pic of a 1974 A310 jumping it up!




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foto of the day. R5/A310

love this picture.  love these 2 cars.  people don’t seem to understand just HOW SMALL some of the Alpine cars were….the A110 makes the Lotus Elise look like a massive supercar……and by this pic, you can see how tiny even the larger A310 was…


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