Latest “Car-A-Day” Favourites…

Rob Ijbema is the brilliant artist who has been painting a high volume of paintings devoted to race cars. These paintings are also for sale, if you develop an unhealthy obsession with one of the works! A few months ago, i posted a link to his page. Here are some of the latest favourites of mine (especially the pair of Alpine A310s!) on his car-a-day blog:


(click these photos a couple times to get HI-RES versions for wallpaper!)





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3 thoughts on “Latest “Car-A-Day” Favourites…

  1. rob says:

    thanks for the promo,they look good on the background
    never thought others would get enthousiastic about them alpines
    cheers rob

  2. rob says:

    excellent blog btw,very interesting odd balls

  3. iedei says:

    hey hey rob. thanks for checking out the blog and the nice words. i definitely mean what i say about your art. it’s fantastic. i’m hoping one day i’ll have one of your pieces hanging from my wall! cheers!

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