a $60,000+ Hyundai coming to the US?

Firstly, whatever drugs and illusionary potions the Hyundai personnel are taking must be working tremendously.  I think the press led you on to believe that your Genesis sedan and coupe were worthwhile options in the luxury sedan and coupe segments.  Sure….be happy and think you made a solid product.  The coupe is nothing more than a cut-rate Infiniti G37 (which isn’t a good thing!) and the sedan is a virtual rear end of a BMW E60 5-series and a Lexus LS (which is also not a good thing).

I thought (and still think) it’s pretty funny that Hyundai are selling a $40,000+ car in the Genesis sedan; i certainly wouldn’t buy one even if a kimchi covered gun was pointed to my head.  But hilariously enough, they’ve decided to launch a $60,000 sedan known as the Equus.  It will surely handle worse than 5-series, not have the majesty of an MB E-Class or S-Class, not be as modern of stylish as an Audi A6, and will be less reliable and more boring than an Lexus LS.  So do we want one?

NO THANKS, Hyundai!  Oh the horror….the horror.


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4 thoughts on “a $60,000+ Hyundai coming to the US?

  1. unknown says:

    it won the best car of the year award in the u.s ….
    it’s time you forget old hyundai

    • iedei says:

      those awards mean nothing….just hype. it’s the same ol’ Hyundai…building generic car for generic folks.

  2. noirelion says:

    You blather.
    The hyundai genesis is an awesome automobile.
    Drive one before you blather?
    You seem to be stuck on the old school hyundais quality- but you have obviously never been inside a hyundai in the last ten or fifteen years. Late model hyundais – are awesome.
    Are you being paid to bad mouth them? Or just repeating bad press from long ago?
    Because it is quite obvious you haven’t actually been inside one in over a decade- or you wouldn’t be saying such foolishness.
    Genesis beats porshe! in some tests… stop blathering mate and have an actual look at a late model hyundai? Because you sound like a dated fool.

    • iedei says:

      meh. this is an enthusiast blog, not a blog to praise the rubbish nonsense of ‘modern’ Hyundais. I’ve driven some ‘modern’ Hyundais, and found them to be just as boring and uninspiring as the cars they are copying (Lexus, Acura).

      You should probably stick to rubbish car magazines such as Car & Driver if you would like to get your chin stroked for enjoying mediocrity such as Hyundai.

      I find this ‘genre’ of expensive Hyundais to be unnecessary and outright boring.

      Thanks for checking out the article.

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