Could F1 be coming to New Jersey?

(photo from WSJ of proposed location of track)

(thanks to Stampchez [qw] for the tip!)

Being a NYC resident, i’m hugely excited by this article.  We have heard this all before, as a couple of years ago there was some buzz about F1 coming to Liberty State Park in New Jersey—-but this time, there seems to be some positivity regarding the possibilities.

DO IT BERNIE, you sad old geeza!


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2 thoughts on “Could F1 be coming to New Jersey?

  1. laurahartson says:

    exciting. i will definately have to come visit if they do, i want to see that!

  2. the road surface quality is so bad in that area (though still not as bad as manhattan/nyc), i wonder on what order of magnitude those municipalities’ public works projects would need to be in order to make those roads suitable for F1.

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