IEDEI’s 5 best looking cars on sale today.

Yes these are all expensive. Yes they are all on sale now in the US market.  Yes, most of them are german.  Yes, you could have probably predicted these a mile away if you know anything about me.  Yes, I think they’re all badass and I want them all!

Here is my current list (in no order, really).

Aston Martin AMV8/V8 Vantage: I still think it’s the best looking sports car around, perfectly proportioned, small in size, and just beautiful from any angle.  Just classic.


Audi A7: I used to think the Maserati Quattroporte was the best looking sedan in the world, until i saw an Audi A7 parked NEXT to a Quattroporte in California—-and the A7 trumped it in pretty much every way.  Amazing and just drop dead gorgeous.


Porsche 911 (997): After the bulbous 993 and the weird 996, Porsche really hit their stride with the 997.  Of course a brand new 991 is coming next year, which should show the 911 growing in size and stature—however i’m pretty sure the 997 will be valued for years to come, as most Porsches are after they stop production.


Audi R8: I have seen an R8 side by side with the Gallardo, and hand-over-heart-put-my-Audi-fanboy-tendencies-aside, it is a much cooler looking design than the Lambo ever was. The R8 has a much taller greenhouse, and somewhat of an awkward stance, but somehow it works very well with its bulgy curves, look-at-me sideblade, and big grinning mouth.  The car looks much more sinister, grounded, and menacing in real life than it does in any photograph

AND where the shit hits the fan…

Porsche Panamera:  I love the Panamera.  It is a stunning design which has grown on me consistently with every passing month.  I started off wondering how they could f*ck up the car so bad, and then suddenly found myself looking at it thinking “do i actually like it?” to now feeling that it is simply the most aggressive and creative interpretation of what a Porsche ‘sedan’ should be.  Yes it is awkward, yes it is not nearly as chiseled and pretty as an A7, yes it is a bit over the top, yes it is weird—but it’s so uncool that it is savagely cool!




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7 thoughts on “IEDEI’s 5 best looking cars on sale today.

  1. Jon says:

    Totally disagree on the Panamera. Every time I look at it all I see are stacks of compromises, which is just a complete failure for Porsche. The Aston Martin Rapide is the car you should have put in its place.

    • Syed says:

      i really like the Quattroporte….and i think it is a more ‘beautiful’ design, but something really appeals to me about the Panamera…’s bold and unusual in its execution!

  2. i think i agree with three of these five. i’d remove the two p-cars and maybe add an audi s5. the last spot remains a question mark (would have to give it more thought).

    • Syed says:

      interesting point about the S5, however i couldn’t have this list with 3 Audis in it! I wanted some variety 🙂 i do still love the 997 though….it’s such a nicely put together machine.

    • on second thought, i replace the amv8 with the dbs. i like the smaller v8 as a car, but the dbs is sexier.

      for the fifth spot, i’d probably pick the quattroporte or the saab 9-5. i don’t love the new 9-5 – i find it too big – but in the current automotive landscape where there is a dearth of truly exceptional designs, the saab stands out.

  3. Robert says:

    Somethings going on with that 991, no way a 991S pdk is only doing a 4.6 at 12.7. A 997S does a 4.0 at 12.2, it has to be the pdk bogging it down. the pdk is rellay only quicker if u have a carrera 4 or 4S. Other wise the 7spd is the quicker option, this car should have no problem matching the performance numbers of the 997S with the 7spd manuel, keep inmind the 991 is also bigger in every way than the 997.

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