1972/euro sedans.

A new feature on IEDEI, i’m just gonna pick a random year and find different cars from different marques—to compare how differently companies were moving with their directions…many of these were designs these brands had JUST introduced.  From the ugly Alfa Romeo Giulia to the progressive BMW E12 and Saab 99 to the bizarrely futuristic NSU Ro80—-1972 was full of ‘interesting’ european sedans.


Mercedes-Benz S-Class (116 Series):


BMW E12 5-series:


Audi 100 LS:







Volvo 144


Saab 99:


NSU Ro80:


Alfa Romeo Giulia:

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3 thoughts on “1972/euro sedans.

  1. Jon says:

    Forgot to label the Volvo.

  2. MajorGav says:

    A great idea for a feature and one which falls into the ‘I wish I’d have thought of that’ category.

    If you’d have said that the Alfa Romeo would be the least attractive and progressive of the line-up, people would think you were mad. But the photos say it all. Saab and NSU look the most interesting, BMW the most progressive and the Audi and Mercedes the most elegant.

    Look forward to the next update…

  3. james says:

    73 would be a great year to see. Porsche 914, BMW 2002tii, Datsun 240Z, BMW 3.0csi, the list goes on…

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