foto of the day. 205 GTI

Is this the best looking hot hatch ever made?  I am starting to think so…

the Peugeot 205 GTI,  photographed by Autostyle

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6 thoughts on “foto of the day. 205 GTI

  1. Eddie Wardo says:

    It’s a shame they were never imported to the states.

  2. Mish says:

    The T16 propably is. But it won’t be easy finding one.

  3. daddy like. daddy like very much.

  4. Jalil says:

    I have Driven many times a 205 Gti 1,9. I Owned 03 peugeots so far…one of them a 1997 306 S16 (GTI6). Thats the only car which came close to the “communication” feeling that this little car gives to the driver. Absolute man&car fusion. Power to weight distribution, suspension architecture was perfect. Difficultly matched these days, due to technological help and safety regulations.

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