Retromobile 2012/

Oh man.  So much want.  I have to make it to Retromobile some day…..seems like an amazing collection of desirable motor cars.

This collage and a few photos were taken by the great type-01

These videos are wonderful, sort of makes me feel like I am there.

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3 thoughts on “Retromobile 2012/

  1. Tamerlane says:

    I hate the term “bucket list”, but Retromobile is definitely on my bucket list, along with Monaco, Le Mans, the Nurburgring, and the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

  2. Type-01 says:

    You’re welcome! 2012 Retromobile was great, and Mullin collection the best of show, happy you love these pictures…
    I will go to Goodwood and Le Mans classic this summer, stay tuned to type-01 for complete coverage!…

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