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foto of the day. Vallelunga.

Before there was the Mangusta or the Pantera……there was the DeTomaso Vallelunga! gorgeous.

src:  best shed

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video of the day. RS3.

I really love my 2012 A3 quattro….in fact, in terms of performance, usability, practicality, quality, comfort, looks, and overall balance—-i think it’s the best car i’ve ever owned.   I will be writing up a 1 year review of the car very soon, as that time is coming—That being said, there isn’t a week that goes by where i don’t find myself imagining that it is an RS3.  I’m still upset that Audi of America decided not to bring the 8P RS3 to the US market.

this video is in spanish, but doesn’t prevent enjoyment of seeing the finest hot hatch in the world in action!



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foto of the day. 50s.

“Four Audi 50 racing cars fighting for the lead at a Touring-Car-Race at Hockenheimring in the early 80´s” – eLKayPics

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foto of the day. Studio GT

What is it? it is the 1968 Neri & Bonacini Studio GT Duo Litri

The excellent Automobiliac site introduced me to this unknown gorgeous wonder yesterday!  I was taken aback by how such a beautiful car could be made and be completely unknown to the world!!!  Bradley alludes to this being like a “Mini Miura” and yes I very much agree….there’s a lot of wonderful going on here, especially with a Lancia Fulvia V4 stuck inside as the source of power….if you haven’t heard a Fulvia V4 before, you must do so!

This one seems to be roaming around the Greenwich Concours—-why didn’t I see this last time I was there!?

More pics and info at Automobilac

photo src:  supercars

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foto of the day. 205 GTI

Is this the best looking hot hatch ever made?  I am starting to think so…

the Peugeot 205 GTI,  photographed by Autostyle

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B20 GT.

Would there be any better way to take one’s ferociously cool Lancia Aurelia B20 GT coupe to get restored, than to take a road trip to Italy to get it sorted out?  Well maybe—-it would be to be driving with a B24 Spyder alongside I suppose!

article: Octane

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foto of the day. street fulvia.

Don’t see too many of these parallel parked on the street.

Photo was taken by FotoSleuth



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foto of the day. TR6 umbrella.

Umbrella makes for a nice roofline on this Triumph TR6!


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foto of the day. 99 Turbo.

love these—i think they are timeless classics in every sense of the word!

foto taken from Trollhatten Saab

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foto of the day. Coupe.

Beautiful foto from  McBoost and i’m digging the B3/B4 Coupe with the RS2 front bumper.  Beautiful house/building as well.

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the USA-elusive TT quattro sport.

This is a tasty TT quattro sport on sale in the UK, tuned by Jabbasport; They’re claiming 450hp, which is quite a bit more than the 350hp that Stage 3 tuning takes it to quite predictably.  The quattro sport, was the highest end MK1 TT which was sold in Europe; stock it had a slight upgrade in power (240 vs. 225), upgraded suspension, special GT3-like seats, special wheels, special 2-tone paint schemes, different front bumper (3.2 bumper) and rear seat delete.  18,000 GBP for this 2005.  Tasty……and everso elusive here..

ad: http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/2487743.htm

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foto of the day #2. AMG 300 SEL.

the unbelievably sinister and brutal 1969 Mercedes-Benz AMG 300 SEL 6.8

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i bought an issue of Car & Driver? yes.

I have not bought an issue of Car & Driver for at least 7 or 8 years.  But i bought a copy of the latest edition the other day at Duane Reade after surprisingly seeing the new quattro Sport Concept splashed across the cover along with the original.   By far and away, my favourite concept car of the last few years—–and one that gets my blood rushing! MAKE IT AUDI! put me on the facking list!


But i gotta say, C&D have taken some GREAT photos of the new quattro Sport.  Here are some of them (enlarge for hi-res)

C&D have also written a very nice article to go with these pictures, so i highly recommend having a read if you’re into the quattro Sport Concept as i am….


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foto of the day. junior z.

i love this car. it is so weird.  when i saw one in person once, it was even weirder.  the Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato

the aardvark attacks! (click foto to enlarge)

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foto of the day. A6GCS.

the glorious Maserati A6GCS.  Thanks to the photographer; Brad from Automobiliac, for this great foto.

(click to enlarge)

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foto of the day. GTAM

Alfa Romeo GTAM.

(click to enlarge)

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when it comes to supercars, it doesn’t get any cooler than the Lamborghini Espada…i like the details in this video…..this one is in particularly nice shape.

here’s another video.  of an Espada on the TT circuit in in Assen.

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the most beautiful car america never produced…

the AMC AMX 3 concept was in a series of AMC concept cars for their next generation sports car.  Bodied and shelled in Italy by Bizzarrini, however only 5 cars made it through production (with #6 produced afterwards from spare parts) due to high costs and lack of demand for a premium sports car built by AMC.  I can’t help but think that this could have been MUCH cooler than the Corvette had it been produced.  This could have been THE definitive american supercar——-well, assuming AMC wouldn’t have folded several years later under the buckling pressure of a poor company.

Comments from Richard Teague, designer of the AMX during his time at AMC: read the rest of this interview here

That’s what killed the program. The bumper standards were just happening… and soft bumpers were being tested on taxicabs in New York by GM at about this time. The technology really wasn’t there to put soft bumpers on the AMX/3 though Pantera made an effort to meet the standards and it did. But it kind of spoiled the front of that car. We just decided the effort involved in all these forthcoming standards… was just too much [on top of] the hassle of trying to get a bodybuilder that could make it at a price that we could sell it for that would be realistic. So all of those things… added up to the program being shelved. But it was a very serious program for a very long time. We tried very hard to make it happen. And we built six prototypes, really. We had a lot of money in the program, not a lot by today’s standards, but for a little company that was trying to make a mark it was, I think, a pretty good effort. At least all six of the cars survive.”


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foto of the day. skoda?

Skoda?  really?  yeah, it’s a fibreglass bodied 1958 Skoda 968.

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foto(s) of the day. a MK2 TT?

Well i’m not a fan of the MK2 TT’s weird styling….in fact i think the styling sucks!  But holy hell i spotted this one linked to on QW today and i gotta say it looks great…probably the best modified MK2 i’ve seen and definitely the only NON TT-RS MK2 i’ve seen that really gets me going.  So maybe it does have potential?

……but it’s no MK1….that’s for sure…..but this one looks pretty damn good.

link to more photos here:


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