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what a GREAT photo of a B5 A4 (1.8T quattro).

quattro season is upon us! get your grip out.


JSR Photography via Audi Sport

check this bad ass out.  an RS6 loaded up with fog lights! Wicked.


via our friends at Motore

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art of the day. Dynamism of an Automobile

1912 painting by fantastic Futurist painter Luigi Rossolo entitled “Dinamismo di un’Automobile”.  Futurist paintings are often just stunning, and this one is no exception!

Russolo was also famous for introducing sound experimentation into the Futurist art movement—-actually performing concerts in 1914 using boxes and sound sources—leading to arguably the first experimental ‘noise’ concert. Apparently their Milan show ended in fighting and a bit of a riot.  World’s first punk show? Sounds like it.

src: peacock’sTail, jvhDesign

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Vettel/A110 photoshoot.

The photos here have been REMOVED due to their unoriginal effects as I was informed by the photographer (Anke Luckmann).  The ORIGINAL PHOTOS have now been uploaded into a new post, thanks to Ms. Anke Luckmann for sending me her original versions of these photos:


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I’m still trying to figure out if there is a woman lighting her head on fire in the red Renault 4 photo.

src: blenheimGang

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video of the day. Alex Roy goes to El Salvador

Drive‘s Alex Roy goes to El Salvador to learn about the car culture there….very entertaining!

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Retromobile 2012/

Oh man.  So much want.  I have to make it to Retromobile some day…..seems like an amazing collection of desirable motor cars.

This collage and a few photos were taken by the great type-01

These videos are wonderful, sort of makes me feel like I am there.

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Video: Chris Harris drives the Audi Sport quattro and Ford RS200

GROUP B GLORY with one of my favourite automotive journalists, Chris Harris.  Excellent!

src: quattroholic


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the beautiful and dusty.

These photos may look like they are from 1968, however they are not.  They were photographed by Atelier Olschinsky in 2011 at the Red Bull Ring.  Quite lovely, as well.

via The Chicane


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iPad: ROAD Inc.

The iPad is a pretty astounding device; sure you’ve heard the hype and the blah blah blah—-but the fact of the matter is, it is the premier mobile all-in-one multimedia device.  If you’re not convinced, then you should check out just how many amazing motoring and automotive applications there are available.  I have multiple folders full of stellar automotive enthusiast applications.  The latest of which is called Road Inc. 

I’ve always found it pretty amazing that automobiles (sometimes) have so much aesthetic importance given to them, yet automotive websites are so NON-aesthetically pleasing.  Often I find them to look like an offshoot of ESPN or some tacky jock football page. The iPad, however, serves to provide a clean, interactive platform to make apps.  A stylistic revolution is surely needed—-enter why i love the Road Inc. application so much.

To start, the app comes with various ‘veiled’ classics—each of which can have a packet downloaded into the iPad for free, upon the user’s interest in the automobile.  After that comes a barrage of information, media, photography, 3D image renderings, essays, and a wealth of information about the car being looked at.

Earlier today, i downloaded the packet for one of my favourite all-time (race)cars—-the Bugatti Type 35b; here are just a couple sample screenshots i took earlier:

They supply a 360 degree rotatable image, to check the car out in its entirety.

There is beautiful attention to detail here; and you get the sense that someone has poured in plenty of time and energy to make this app a beautiful one to use for the motoring enthusiast.  I salute Road Inc. for making something like this.  Currently there are 50 cars available with a full data packet download of information.  I really look forward to see Road Inc expand on this list in the future.  The app is currently available in the iPad application store for $4.99.

Link: Road Inc.

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They don’t plow your streets? big deal!

Well there’s a new snow plow in town! Genius!  On ebay now.

Make sure you check out the pics on the auction page to gain a full insight into this winter breakthrough! *cough*

Ebay Auction

(This link was shown to me by Andy S. from the QW TT forums)


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I’ve always loved nice watches, but often find myself admiring the style of watches that are far too expensive for my benign budget.  More affordable watches are generally cheaply made and/or far too commoner for me to ever give a second glance to.

My perfect watch would be racing inspired, mechanically sound, built to detail, and not cost a fortune.   Enter Officine Autodromo and their newly launched line of fantastic watches described in the company as “Instruments For Motoring”, inspired by vintage dashboard clusters from iron fed by fuel.

These special timepieces were conceived, designed, planned, and implemented by founder Bradley Price; a good friend of mine and a SEVERE automotive enthusiast.  I knew before I ever even saw the watches that I had to have one, and that they would be beautiful to look at and functionally sound.  I was right.

I see attention to detail which is beyond what I see in watches far more expensive than these; from the packaging to the casing to the band to the detailed chassis identification card which is stamped and found inside the carefully thought out leather box; Autodromo has made a series of relatively affordable watches which can be worn in any setting; from sitting in a hospital conference room to barreling down a freeway in the pouring rain.  I know because I bought my own Wednesday—-a superb example of a black case Veloce—-here’s a dirty grainy pic of me wearing it in the TT:

The launch line-up:

These watches retail for $425, which is a great deal for the amount of detail and design found within them.  Definitely a solid gift idea for the upcoming holidays, OR just a guilty pleasure for the petrolhead screaming inside our own heads.

More details and ordering info at AUTODROMO

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Le Mans 2011 Spotter Guide

great stuff!! (thanks to Halle for the tip!)

VIA: http://www.spotterguides.com/le-mans-2011-guide

(click to enlarge)



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Italy; observations about motoring & their cars.

IEDEI is back after a week away in Italy.  The purpose of this trip was not car-related, but as a vacation for my wife and I to get away from the busy NYC days and to check out Italy for the first time.  Firstly, we loved Italy for its superb food, beautiful historical city and landscapes, lovely people, and it’s good vibes.  I had originally planned to drive for a few days within Italy, however due to our short itinerary, we decided that using the superb Eurostar train system there seemed optimal and most efficient.  The trains are of course very comfortable, and very easy to use—and I highly recommend them to anyone traveling through Italy or the rest of western Europe.

Here are a list of some basic observations I made about motoring and cars in Italy from a passenger point of view.

1. People have very eccentric parking habits in Rome—-pretty much makes NYC parking look like a regulated, organized affair.

2. The freeways are very tame, boring affairs—-similar to freeways anywhere else, including the US.

3. I would say 95% of the cars seen parked and driving consist of small, slow, functional economy hatchbacks.

4. In 7 days in Italy, through 4 cities (Roma, Firenze, Napoli, and Capri)—- i did not see a SINGLE Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, pre-1990 Alfa Romeo, pre-1990 Lancia, or pre-1990 Fiat.  I was shocked at the lack of interesting Italian cars present there.  I can honestly say that the most interesting cars I saw in Italy were a couple Alfa Romeo Breras, a bunch of fanastic Audis not readily seen in US markets(A1, S3, A3 Roadster, B8 S4 Avant, A4 Allroad), many Alfa Romeo 159s (which are much more beautiful in person than even the photos show), and ONE Alfa Romeo 147 GTA and ONE Alfa Romeo GTV (mid 90s version).

5.  I spoke with a guy who was working at a Lancia repair centre, and asked him what he thought of the ‘new’ Lancias (like the Ypsilon) and he said “Lancia has not been Lancia for many years”—to which i completely agreed with him.  When i asked him why Italians don’t drive ‘older’ Alfas and Lancias he told me “because it is not easy to drive an older Alfa or Lancia everyday in our cities, and many of the cars have broken and are gone”. I think this summed up the situation pretty well.  Sad for classic cars in Italy then…..

6. I started wanting to buy a small hatchback.  Even the absolutely terrible Lancia Ypsilon started to look alright to me after a week there—-but then i stopped drinking and remembered how rubbish it is.  The ‘newer’ Alfa Romeo Mito and Alfa Romeo Giuliettas are very cool little cars…..the Giuletta is very beautiful in person, and would love to see it make it over to the US market.  It has a lot more presence on the road than most hatchbacks its size.   The Mito is the perfect Alfa answer to the small hatchback italian solution—-however I was shocked to see that the pricing on the Mito starts at 16k Euros and goes all the way into the low 20k range.  The Audi A1 is a simply stunning example of a hatchback, beautifully proportioned, very stylish, and very well put together.

7.  My wife commented that Audis parked there looked more Italian than Italian cars there…and I have to say that probably rings true for the modern cars being sold in Italy.  Plenty of Audis there, as the Italians have picked up on the styling as well, and have bought into it.  I would say that 1 out of every 3 ‘nice’ cars seems to be an Audi.  This pleased my Audiphile tendencies, of course!

8.  Word is, that the Alfa Romeo Museum has been shut for good——at least that’s what somebody told me there.  I was not planning on visiting it on this trip anyways, however it seems that it was closed a couple of months ago for renovation, and there are no plans to re-open it—-which would be an absolute shame of course.

9. Fiats are definitely the most popular cars in Italy—–i’d say 6 to 1 over everything else.

10.  Traffic is slow, pedestrians are plenty, traffic rules are not obeyed all the time, however I found it actually less chaotic than NYC driving—-at least from a passenger seat.  The problem here in NYC is the amount of speed people carry on the roads; whereas in Italy, I didn’t seen people bustling in speed—at least not in the 4 cities I went to.

A couple random photos:

I did happen to stumble upon a ‘motoring’ channel on the Italian cable TV during our last night stay in Rome, where they showed 24 hour coverage of weird obscure motoring events around Italy—pretty cool I have to say! GTV InterMotori

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foto of the day. Japan.

As you know, a large earthquake and tsunami hit Japan on Friday.  I found this very strange photo on MSN of a huge supply parking lot for Infiniti.  Obviously I wish the best to the Japanese readers of IEDEI and everyone else there, and for a recovery from this crazy disaster.

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Artist of the day: Xander Walker

Xander Walker (http://strassenversion.blogspot.com) is someone I have known for a while through The Auto Union community.  A few weeks ago, a bunch of us met up for a dinner in Manhattan, and Xander introduced us to his fantastic artwork.  I was blown away by the uniqueness and individualistic style of these paintings; and I can firmly say that they are WELL worth the humble $15 to $30 asking price he has put up for the pieces.  Each one is hand signed, and perfect for framing.  Speaking of which, I need to find time to get to a framing shop to buy a suitable frame for the 2 paintings I own by him.  Each painting is hand finished and limited edition.   Each piece is 24 x 17″ and packaged well!

In addition to the Alpine A110 pictured above (which obviously i DO have!!), here are some others available from Xander’s Etsy store:

ENTER “IEDEI” to get 20% off at the checkout! —Thanks Xander


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iPad getting EVO, Octane, Top Gear magazines….

I’m a big fan of the iPad, even though i don’t own one yet.  The iPod Touch i have lost recently was one of the best little electronic devices i’ve ever owned; so versatile and useful.  I’m definitely getting an iPad, just not right now as i need a new laptop first!

The era of the ‘digital magazine’ is now upon us, and the UK magazines are coming to the iPad!

pricing @ Zinio:

EVO Magazine $4.96 ea. or subscription of 12 digital issues for $50.32
Octane Magazine $4.96 ea. or subscription of 12 digital issues for $50.32
Top Gear Magazine $5.27 per issue with no subscription available.

not a bad deal, considering that a physical subscription often runs like $90 on these imported magazines.  Plus you get to have them on your iPad for further easy access! VERY COOL! i’m sure this is just the beginning.  Still haven’t heard anything about my favourite UK car mag Car though.

original article from our friends at Fourtitude


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the art of Nicolas Cancelier

Thanks to Motorsport Retro for turning me on to this artist, Nicolas Cancelier. Some great stuff going on here, I especially love the colours he is using to capture the time of these cars.  Very cool.   These are available for purchase as large, high quality prints as well.  Please inquire with Nicolas directly through the links provided.



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alfa romeo art

I stumbled upon this great site called just Alfa Romeo Art, with tons and tons of Alfa Romeo artwork for sale in the form of prints in all sizes.  The prices aren’t uber expensive, but not cheap regular posters either.  I’m assuming these are high quality prints, and have been done by an assortment of different artists from all around the world.  If you’re an Alfa Romeo fanatic, i’m sure you’ll be tempted by something on that site.  So much great art there.  I’m tempted to bust out with a Montreal print myself.

CHECK OUT THE SITE: http://www.alfaromeoart.com/

some more art i REALLY loved from this site…

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foto of the day. A6G

Maserati A6G Ghia (owned by Jay Kay).

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Well Toyota has really f*cked up, haven’t they?   Too bad Prius weren’t recalled though….that’s sad. Recall a bunch of Lexus-es (Lexii for plural??) while you’re at ToMoCo…for being BORING!

At least 5.3 million cars are being recalled across Europe and the United States.  Toyota has stopped production of all of these cars, AND if you are gonna walk into a Toyota showroom and try to buy a Corolla (why!??!), they will not let you—–as Toyota will not sell you a new car affected by the recall.

Massive fail…..Toyota is in BIG trouble.  Japan gonna bail em out? let’s see what happens….


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