MK3 Audi TT…could this be the 1st official hint?

I believe so!  From everything I minimally know about the MK3 development process, this is by far the closest thing i’ve seen consistent with the descriptions i’ve heard.  Same kinda roofline, but very progressive design.  I really think this photo, which accompanied a technology press release….is the first official hint at the MK3 TT’s design!

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3 thoughts on “MK3 Audi TT…could this be the 1st official hint?

  1. Automobiliac says:

    Nice to see them adding yet more unnecessary “flourishes” to what used to be the cleanest design ever…I love Walter da Silva, but he has ruined the TT.

    • Syed says:

      well this design mock up is for a ‘tech display’ of future technologies….the production form would be much more ‘stripped’ than this……i actually love this shape, influenced from some of the concepts they’ve been showing for a couple of years…..

  2. themonitor says:

    Looks like they removed the worst line from the mk2 (the one that runs along the side of the car and isn’t horizontal). This is good.

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