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Ferrari F12 is inspired by the Uterus.

Ever since I was confronted by the ungainly sight of the new Ferrari F12, i’ve been trying to remember just what that rear end reminds me of…and then all of a sudden, i remembered.  It looks like a Uterus with bilateral fallopian tubes and ovaries!!

The Ferrari version has very wide fallopian tubes, and unnaturally round ovaries; however the general architecture is simply uncanny.  Did you think nobody would notice, Pininfarina?

Exhibit A: Uterus

Exhibit B:  Ferrari F12

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foto of the day. Disco Volante like it’s 2012!

Touring Superleggera have sprung a ‘redux’ of the famous 1952 Alfa Romeo Carozzeria touring ‘Disco Volante” by introducing a modified, spec’d out, balanced (49/51 weight balanced) rebody on the Alfa 8C chassis.   The 2012 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Superleggera is slated to be a limited edition production car!

A friend of mine just checked in from the Geneva Auto Show where it is being premiered…..and said it looks fantastic in the flesh! I don’t doubt it—-as it looks fantastic in this photo!

src: pic via autochannel

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MK3 Audi TT…could this be the 1st official hint?

I believe so!  From everything I minimally know about the MK3 development process, this is by far the closest thing i’ve seen consistent with the descriptions i’ve heard.  Same kinda roofline, but very progressive design.  I really think this photo, which accompanied a technology press release….is the first official hint at the MK3 TT’s design!

src: autoblog

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Roding Roadster 23.

I love this thing! Totally inspired by the R8 and the E-Tron (especially the Detroit Auto Show E-Tron Coupe concept), but this Roding carries a BMW inline 6 with 320hp.   Weighs only 950kg.

Limited to 23 cars for the initial production run.  I can’t wait to see more photos…..and to find out if there will be a proper run of production cars!  Oh and roding……ditch those silly time attack ‘red strips’ on the rim of the wheels and get some proper black/grey wheels on there.

more info at: Roding

src: Autoevolution




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Audi A3 Sedan (updated w/ video, new pic)

I absolutely love this….it’s smaller than a Jetta….and obviously smaller than an A4.  The engine is an RS3 engine, tweaked—on the concept.  In real life form, i’m guessing a small euro starting at 1.6 or 2.0L range going up to a 2.5T that’s in the TT-RS, RS3, and this concept.  On a brand new platform as well (NON-Golf). That interior is beautifully minimalist as well.  Nicely done, Ingolstadt.  It is definitely coming to the US. (thanks to Z.D. for the pics!)



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faster beast: Bugatti Veyron Super Sport!


No, 1001 HP simply wasn’t enough!  It is now 1200 HP, and the top speed is now officially 267 mph, which makes it THE fastest road car in the world…………..again!

It is quite simply the fastest, most outrageous, maddest, and amazing car in the world—-and it’s been reborn to be even better.

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oh hello Audi A1!

Pricing: 16,000 euros (about $22k)

Curb weight: ~2300 pounds

Power: 86-122hp (TFSI and TDI versions)

Drive: FWD (Quattro expected later in the years)

Availability: Unknown whether the car will come to the US yet!

Competitors: Mini Cooper, Alfa Romeo Mito, Fiat 500,

I REALLY hope Audi bring this thing to the states! we need more cool small cars.

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