video of the day. History of AMG.

Nice video put together by Mercedes-Benz—-showing a short history of AMG.  I admit to having a soft spot for Mercedes-Benz…always have, always likely will.

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One thought on “video of the day. History of AMG.

  1. GuitarSlinger says:

    Got one . Love it . Suffice it to say the level of customer service I now receive is far and away much better than the very best any of the others I’ve dealt with in the past have offered . Not to mention the owners club membership having many more benefits worth taking advantage of .

    Great video BTW . Its showed up on the MBOCUSA as well as the AMGOC email earlier but its always worth another watch … or three 😮

    BTW If one were to ask me what the differences IMHO between Audi BMW and M-B performance offering were I’d say this , having driven and/or owned all three ;

    BMW M’s are surgical scalpels on the track , albeit uncomfortable on the road
    Audi S & RS’s have all of BMW M’s discomfort on the road with about 80% of their track capability , albeit much nicer interiors
    AMG -Mercedes are the ultimate performance all around grand tourers ( except the Black series ) on the road , but are tactical weapons in need of a severe manhandling on the track


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