foto of the day. le mans cockpit

The buzz is rising for Le Mans in June!  Here’s the fantastic cockpit of the R18 e-Tron quattro! wicked.

src:  Audi Sport

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7 thoughts on “foto of the day. le mans cockpit

  1. Rvinyl says:

    That’s a pretty incredible cock-pit. Looks like the inside of a star-fighter or something. Nice carbon fiber accent on the steering wheel (if that’s what you call it) although I prefer the stuff we carry or 3M’s series in terms of the pattern. Uber-cool nonetheless. Thanks for the pic!

    • Syed says:

      that’s real CF….not for decoration!

      • Rvinyl says:

        Well, I guess I like the fake stuff better. Silly of me to think they would use appliques but why use CF on the steering wheel?

        • Syed says:

          the real purpose of CF is for lightness and strength…not for decoration. No offense, but the decorative stuff doesn’t really serve any purpose. In racing, everything is for saving weight…..including on the steering wheel.

          • Syed says:

            i’ve held an R18 steering wheel before, and it is EXTREMELY light….amazingly light.

          • Rvinyl says:

            Yeah, I knew that I guess I just didn’t realize how they really try to shave every ounce off the weight. No offense taken and thanks for the replies.

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