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art of the day. Matra cutaways.

Through my love of Alpine, I have also found myself in appreciation of other French racing marques such as Matra and Panhard.   There really is a huge lack of information or literature about Panhard, however luckily such is not the case with Matra.

Automobiliac posted these great Matra cutaway drawings done by Robert Roux a couple of years ago!  Go there to see a blistering video of a MS650 screaming across the track!

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foto of the day. Bonnet.

the Rene Bonnet which raced in Le Mans 1962; which eventually gave rise to the racing extravaganza which was Matra.

src:  octane

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art: Leonello Design.

Leonello Design is a design company affiliated with the likes of Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, Zagato, and Touring Superleggera—-working on scale models and designs for them and other projects.

I’m not sure if any of them are available as prints or not, as not much is mentioned on their site.


src: Leonello

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foto of the day.

Matra MS10!

(click foto 2 times to get hi-res)


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