Renault Icons: Alpine A110 videos.


Renault TV posted these official videos in celebration of their history and the resurrection of the Alpine marque.  Car videos are mostly uninspiring, materialistic nonsense–but these Alpine A110 videos are out of this world….maybe because the car is out of this world?

Best part….it’s in English!  So my rudimentary and primitive French translation doesn’t have to be challenged like it normally does with Alpine videos.

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5 thoughts on “Renault Icons: Alpine A110 videos.

  1. Louis D says:

    Fantastic videos, these cars really are like no other. The narrator’s voice is bit annoying though. As a Frenchman and an Alpine fan, I cannot tell you how proud an excited I am that Alpine is coming back, it’s just going to be amazing. I read somewhere that the Renault bosses said there would be absolutely no compromise about the position of the engine, I wonder if that’ll mean the new Berlinette will be rear-engined like the old one.

    • Syed says:

      bonjour Louis: i am very excited to see what Caterham/Alpine combine to create……if it is rear-engined, it will be the ultimate tribute to the originals! I hope it is a ‘no comprimise’, as you mention….

  2. Mike Lawson says:

    Renault was all poised to export the A310 to the U.S. just before Chrysler bought American Motors from them. Aah, what might have been.

  3. Sanchez says:

    Unfortunately can’t watch these videos due to my location. But I see Alpine A110 Group 5 car in the pic.
    Do you collect scale car models, Syed?
    Because this has been released recently by French company Ottomobile:

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