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foto of the day. the depressing difference in size.

btw, the car on the left is the Alfa Romeo Mito, which is currently the smallest car that Alfa Romeo sells.

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foto of the day: Mito GTA

specially tuned by Lester is this Lester Alfa Romeo MiTO GTA.

(click to enlarge)

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Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA & Alfa Romeo GTAM video…

There’s a new promo video out for the brand new Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA, which features an original Alfa Romeo GTAM going against it on a track.  It’s amazing just how HUGE the MiTo GTA looks in this video, compared to the tiny GTAM.  Might i remind you that MiTo is not a large car by any means…it is currently the smallest car Alfa sells—just goes to show you how different standards are now in cars relating to size, etc…

It’s a very cool little car though, the MiTo GTA….a throwback to the old school Alfa Romeos.  Small and quick, with lots of attitude.  I hope Fiat & Chrysler go through with this planned merger…and the MiTo GTA gets over here.

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