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A110 of the day.

For many of the new readers, you should know I am *obsessed* with the Alpine A110 (and Alpine as a marque in general). that is all.  My general interest in automotive topics continues to wither and fade, but Alpines and Audis seem to be completely immune to this destructive force.

src:  renault classic



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foto of the day. save your Porsche! WIN

article from Porsche Purist 

“A Porsche owner near Louisville Kentucky took every possible precaution to make sure their Porsche would be high and dry even if there house wasn’t. With rising flood waters rapidly approaching their home and no where to go genius struck. What better idea than to tether a float to your home, driver your Porsche on and inflate it to ride out the high water. From the looks of the picture below, the water is at least four or five feet up the garage door. Kudos to the owner of this Porsche!”

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the most fantastic driveway…

I have no driveway. Instead I have a busy NYC street i pull up to after a hard day’s work, where i fight off potholes, construction trucks, fire hydrants, parking rules, and trying to squeeze into parking spots that are waaaay too small for my tastes.

Now i’m daydreaming, in my head, about having a driveway like this! Imagine coming home after a hard day at work, and putting in a good 15 laps in an unrestricted private race track! Amazing.



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