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A110 of the day.

For many of the new readers, you should know I am *obsessed* with the Alpine A110 (and Alpine as a marque in general). that is all.  My general interest in automotive topics continues to wither and fade, but Alpines and Audis seem to be completely immune to this destructive force.

src:  renault classic



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me and my trusty M8 .1 + Summicron 40mm


(below with new 39mm Leitz Orange filter, which i’m sort of in love with at the moment.  Bought it for B&W photos, but am starting to use it for orange tint)



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Vivian Maier.

I only recently discovered the story and the photographs of Vivian Maier—-and both (the story and the photographs) are fascinating!

“An American of French and Austro-Hungarian extraction, Vivian bounced between Europe and the United States before coming back to New York City in 1951. Having picked up photography just two years earlier, she would comb the streets of the Big Apple refining her artistic craft. By 1956 Vivian left the East Coast for Chicago, where she’d spend most of the rest of her life working as a caregiver. In her leisure Vivian would shoot photos that she zealously hid from the eyes of others. Taking snapshots into the late 1990′s, Maier would leave behind a body of work comprising over 100,000 negatives.”






the story of how these photos and the intriguing person behind them were discovered:

more information here: Vivian Maier


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Vintage Porsche factory pics.

These are beautiful, taken in 1972.  I happened to stumble across these as I was searching for the source for a different Porsche factory photo I had posted a long time ago.  Happy accident!

src: cinelliguy

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I’m still trying to figure out if there is a woman lighting her head on fire in the red Renault 4 photo.

src: blenheimGang

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ad of the day. Fulvia Zagato.

i love this car, and i love this ad! Vintage Lancia! 

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art of the day. bugatti factory.

for sale: $2500

artist: Joe Perricone


some information about the painting from Tom Miller Sports And Classics:

Joe Perricone has been painting since childhood and has been restoring vintage cars for over 35 years. Joe started painting cars when he had a desire to do 4 paintings of the Vanderbilt cup races and never looked back. He paints oil on canvas of cars of the 20’s and 30’s, mostly of races lost in time and long forgotten. The subject matter is of the pits, action in corners and break downs on the track. Joe’s work is in the collection of Hutchinson Co. and many other private collections, he has paintings hanging next to the great automotive painter Peter Helck amongst others. Joe’s work is an expressionist remembrance of the work done in the 1860’s through the 1890’s with abstract line for balance and perspective and a distinctive color palette.

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