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foto of the day. Exige.

In light of today’s excitement with the ‘neu’ Alpine photos leaking, I’ve found myself considering what cars have carried the torch while Alpine has been away.  The list is quite short, and what i’ve come to realise is that the Lotus Elise/Exige is basically the only car I can think of which truly carried the functionality and purposeful design in the manner in which Alpine did.

In summary…do want! especially in yellow.  I drove one several years ago, and found it to be extraordinary to drive.  There wasn’t much practicality, and as i’ve been told by a couple people who have owned them—the fiberglass body makes it quite tough to repair.  But as a 2nd or 3rd car, I can’t think of another modern 21st century car that would be as enjoyable and as fascinating.

src: carAdvice

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Lotus return to rally with the Lotus Exige R-GT

I cannot wait to see Lotus entering this into the 2012 FIA WRC GT class, and although Lotus still hasn’t officially begun its season with this rally version of the Exige, they claim it will enter in competition for this 2012 season at some point.

Claudio Berro, Group Lotus’ Director of Motorsport, said: “When you consider that we’ve only began working on this car in July, I think what we’ve achieved in that time has been incredible. For me the Exige S makes the perfect GT rally car, it has an awesome 3.5-litre, supercharged engine, and we’ve managed to balance the weight perfectly to meet the minimum weight regulations.

365hp, to be exact!  Wicked.


src: Lotus

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Alfa Romeo copies a bunch of cars..calls it the 4C

Alfa Romeo have copied the Veyron. Alfa Romeo have copied an Artega GT.  Alfa Romeo have made a thicker Elise.  Alfa Romeo have copied the Seat Cupra GT Cup Car.  I am utterly offended by this car.  That is truly the first time I have said that about an Alfa in recent memory—-i even got excited when the Mito and the Giuletta were introduced; because at least they looked like an Alfa or had some originality.  This truly looks like a 3rd rate copy of an Artega GT…..F for effort.

(bottom photo from Autoblog)

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