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foto(s) of the day. Huayra in pieces.

I love the Pagani Huayra, because it is (a) insane looking, (b) over the top, and (c) and super italian.

I also think these 2 photos are wonderful documentation of its anatomy.

src:  collaVerglas

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the DB9 will be quite angry.

hey FORD! you think adding a couple extra lines in the grille is not gonna make it look like you rummaged your old Aston Martin parts bin for your new Ford Focus Electric concept?!

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porsche classic restorations.

“Over 70% of all the Porsche vehicles ever built, are still on the road today”

What better place to get a 911 restored than AT Porsche.  They claim they do the work at ‘market’ prices…..very cool and a cool video.

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sculptures from cars.

Works Austin

James Corbett makes cool sculptures, and the coolest part about the sculptures are that the materials used to make them are entirely from recycled auto parts!

BSA Bantum

auto union sculpture

check out his homepage at— http://www.jamescorbettart.com/

to see what works of his are on display at the John Davies Gallery (Derbyshire, UK)—


thanks to Pistonheads for the original article—


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