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NSU autocross

Over the past several months, i’ve really started loving these NSU Prinz/TT/TT-S models. I have seen a couple of these in the past in person and always get the feeling that these cars must be an absolute BLAST to drive around in.  Lightweight, rear-engined, tossable, stiff, and epic 60s cool.   These are so rare in the US, however they enjoy an enthusiastic following in Germany.  I would love to have a go in one…

Thanks to Marco for sending me these pics, and you can see the full album of photos from this AutoX NSU event HERE

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foto of the day. Bonnet.

the Rene Bonnet which raced in Le Mans 1962; which eventually gave rise to the racing extravaganza which was Matra.

src:  octane

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Nurburgring 24 Hours is underway. Watch LIVE online.

There are several sites streaming the Nurburgring 24 Hour race, but they are all using the same live German feed—-however i am disturbed that they play awful music in the background during the race, alternating with german commentary….which is present on ALL the feeds i’ve looked at, including the official one.  Those crazy germans….WHY in the world is the original broadcast playing that rubbish music!? I haven’t a clue…”Radio Nurburgring”? really?

But either way, i can’t complain—–as the full 24 hours is available for FREE online streaming.



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Audi tradition at 2011 Techno Classica

Great stuff on display in Germany at this year’s Techno Classica.

see the rest of the pics at Audi Passion:



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25k euros gets you….

a nice Alpine A310.  check out the interior….funky indeed.  As mentioned before, I am increasingly attracted to the A310, as a by product of my obsession with the A110.


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Fast Lane Daily: Nurburgring $1000 challenge!

Interesting challenge.  Can one get to and drive the nurburgring for under $1k?

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porsche classic restorations.

“Over 70% of all the Porsche vehicles ever built, are still on the road today”

What better place to get a 911 restored than AT Porsche.  They claim they do the work at ‘market’ prices…..very cool and a cool video.

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foto of the day. museum.

Been in quite a Porsche mood for the last few days, so here’s a pic of the stunning Porsche Museum.

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BMW E21 video.

Gotta love those old scenes, with those bending and leaning Audis and E21 BMWs!

cheers to DRIVR for the tip!

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Take a tour of the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

As expected, MB has constructed a damn cool museum to display alot of their motorsports and production car history.  Here are some of the pics presented by the company to highlight their new museum.  You can tour the museum virtually on their website as well.  Easier than getting a flight out to Stuttgart!

Online museum tour:


(CLICK TO ENLARGE TO GET HI-RES….for wallpaper use)

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Auto Union dealership.

I love this pic…showing a rare photo of an original Auto Union dealership….


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video: Audi TT RS

New video, very cool.

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