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Bentley Continental GT……rallying!?

Well here’s something i’ve never seen! A luxurious, heavy, Hermes shopping bag-filled, leather wrapped interior Bentley Continental GT being given a rally stage work out by ex-Mini driver Kris Meeke!  Fantastic!

Apparently this is being filmed for a future episode of Top Gear featuring James May.  Why does this not surprise me?


src: WRC

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the first quattro rally car.

Octane has taken some cool photos of the first rally spec 1980 Ur quattro prototype rally car….although the car needs more dirt on it!

src: more pics and read the great write-up about the car at Octane

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foto of the day. 504.

the Peugeot 504  in action!

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foto of the day (2): 131A

Fiat 131 Abarth

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foto of the day. women of the A110.

i love this photo! so lovely.  Francois Conconi looks so cool.  The other woman, is of course, Michele Mouton.  Dunno who the bearded bloke is…ha


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Group B Sounds.

This video, for me, is essentially an audio battle of the Lancia 037 and the Audi quattro.   The 5 cylinder glory of the Audi and the screaming italian Lancia………the popping of the 5 cylinder clinches it for me.

Volume up, people!

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