Car Geek: Replicating one’s garage in diecast.

It’s no secret I love my 2 Audis. 9 years with the TT, and almost 6 months with the A3! Surely the only geek thing to do would be to collect die-cast versions of my cars and recreate my garage, right!?

To be fair, I have an A3 2.0T titanium edition—-whereas the 1:43 model i’ve bought is actually an RS3. To my defense they don’t sell the 8P RS3 in the US market or else I would have bought one. A second defense is that my A3 has the same wheels as the RS3 (titanium rotors) and spec’d out as close to an RS3 it could legally get in the US market cosmetically.

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2 thoughts on “Car Geek: Replicating one’s garage in diecast.

  1. Automobiliac says:

    The only thing geekier than your photos is the description your wrote. Hahaha.

  2. […] de a Mercedes tudja, mit csinál: testvérbloggerünk, IEDEI jól szituált NY-i polgár és két Audit vezet, elgondolkozott, hogy CLA-ra vált. Az ugrás után egy betegen szép promóvideót is […]

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