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Introducing myself to the M8.

My Leica M8 is now fully capable, up and running with a Voigtlander 35mm f1.4 lens.   This is my first time ever owning and using a fully manual camera, and my first time owning and using a Rangefinder.  What a machine—-really find it a fascinating piece of equipment.   I just put it all together last night, and am still playing around with the settings.  Less than 24 hours with it, and these are my favourite photos thus far.   Lots more to come in the future, hopefully!

I have no idea what this Chinese cough syrup is made of…but it sure should looks hardcore:

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Car Geek: Replicating one’s garage in diecast.

It’s no secret I love my 2 Audis. 9 years with the TT, and almost 6 months with the A3! Surely the only geek thing to do would be to collect die-cast versions of my cars and recreate my garage, right!?

To be fair, I have an A3 2.0T titanium edition—-whereas the 1:43 model i’ve bought is actually an RS3. To my defense they don’t sell the 8P RS3 in the US market or else I would have bought one. A second defense is that my A3 has the same wheels as the RS3 (titanium rotors) and spec’d out as close to an RS3 it could legally get in the US market cosmetically.

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foto of the day. garage spots.

Sometimes i just stand in my garage…..wait i’m lying—-i go to the garage A LOT these days just to hang out and catch a nice view!  I can’t help it.

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foto of the day. TT

This parking spot reminds of my parking spot.

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foto of the day. A110 (+RS2)

what’s better than seeing my holy grail ultimate automotive perfection (Alpine A110) and one of the members of my shortlist of most desirable cars ever (Audi RS2) sneaking around in the background…in the same photo!  Thanks to Michael Sakar for posting this on his FB.

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art foto of the day. TT.

Not sure who the photographer is, but i absolutely love it.

(click to enlarge)

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foto of the day. GTAM

Alfa Romeo GTAM.

(click to enlarge)

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foto of the day. 3500gt

Maserati 3500GT

(courtesy of my friend Matteo @ Swisscarsightings.com)

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foto of the day (2). tr6

Triumph TR6.

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foto of the day. A6G

Maserati A6G Ghia (owned by Jay Kay).

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foto of the day. 01242010.


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dream on.

don’t you wish that you bought a big piece of land, and that out in the forest—-you found a garage that had this stuff?

And NO, this is not that internet urban legend about the barn full of cars—-this is an actual barn, and these cars are all for sale.

Full story and individual profiles and pics of the cars at one of my favourite vintage car blogs: Bring A Trailer

click here: http://bringatrailer.com/2008/09/30/bat-exclusive-dusty-socal-racer-warehouse/#more-1177

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