There were prettier, faster, more glamourous, more hyped, and more revered small coupes from that era (mid 60s)—but i would argue none of them were as COOL as the NSU TTS.  rear-engined.  rear-wheel drive.  and definitely the most aggressive looking of them all.  Eat your heart out, italians!

file under: off the beaten path, away from mainstream admiration (thankfully).

Repros NSU TTS


src:  littleWarrior

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2 thoughts on “TTS.

  1. bwob says:

    Not fair. The 1000 TT and TTS are both favorites of mine. Now I want one and haven’t any money.

    FYI, the NSUs weren’t coupes but were, in fact, two-door sedans with the same body structure if the ‘donor’ NSU Prinz 4 with its 600cc, 30 hp twin.

    As a point of comparison, the 1000TT developed 55hp and the 1000TTS 70hp out-of-the-box with an ‘tuning pack’ taking it to 85hp. The engine could be tuned up to 130hp without losing much tractability. In a package that weighed around 700kg, the TT was fast and even the TTS’ basic 70hp version could curl your hair.

  2. OrphansNunderdogs says:

    Taking nothing away from the Coupe or the Wankel Spider, I always liked the Prinz-based sedans. Considering I’ve only seen one on the road in my life, I’ve the thought of ever finding one- much less buying one- a foregone conclusion.

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