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There were prettier, faster, more glamourous, more hyped, and more revered small coupes from that era (mid 60s)—but i would argue none of them were as COOL as the NSU TTS.  rear-engined.  rear-wheel drive.  and definitely the most aggressive looking of them all.  Eat your heart out, italians!

file under: off the beaten path, away from mainstream admiration (thankfully).

Repros NSU TTS


src:  littleWarrior

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art of the day. 1200c

NSU 1200c cutaway, with lots of arrows!

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NSU autocross

Over the past several months, i’ve really started loving these NSU Prinz/TT/TT-S models. I have seen a couple of these in the past in person and always get the feeling that these cars must be an absolute BLAST to drive around in.  Lightweight, rear-engined, tossable, stiff, and epic 60s cool.   These are so rare in the US, however they enjoy an enthusiastic following in Germany.  I would love to have a go in one…

Thanks to Marco for sending me these pics, and you can see the full album of photos from this AutoX NSU event HERE

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art of the day. NSU.

These are renderings done for the NSU TT and the GT Legends computer game series…..I just thought they looked pretty beautiful.  Nice and grey.

src:  virtualR

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foto of the day. 1200TT.

The supercooNSU 1200TT on the track in Zandvoort, 1976

src:  vroemmm

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foto of the day. TT.

The more time that passes by, the fonder i become of the stubby little badass that is the NSU TT.

src: davydutchy

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