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bizarre Audi TT crash.

How this lovely Amulet Red MK1 Audi TT flew into a house is beyond me….possibly launching off the side of one of the parked cars?  Definitely bizarre.  Hope all are OK.









src:  Sun via Fourtitude

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Crash, remove, and drive!

Romain Dumas crashes his Audi R18 Ultra into a tire wall, then proceeds to get out of the car and basically remove the entire front bodywork from both sides, get back in the car and drive it for 5-6 minutes back to the pits!  Amazing bit of effort and determination from Dumas!  Great to see.

As of right now, the #3 R18 is back in the race!  Many laps down….but still in the race!

Here’s the video!


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foto(s) of the day. Fulvia ditched and rescued!

Damn i love these photos taken at the 1973 Targa Florio.  From the fantastic Targa Florio archives at Amicidellatargaflorio


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RIP Dan Wheldon.

Dan Wheldon died today in a massive 15 car (of 34 cars racing) accident in during an IndyCar race in Las Vegas earlier this afternoon.  I salute him as a 2-time winner of the glorious Indianopolis 500 and a great driver.   Other drivers were also injured and are being treated at the hospital.  Racing has become so much safer in modern times, but this is a reminded that it’s still not immuned to catastrophe.

Following the accident, a red flag was introduced.  The race was then stopped for good. However, following the announcement, the drivers and teams decided to do a 5 lap tribute to him:

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Audi wins again at Le Mans!!


Audi WINS 2011 @ Le Mans! What an exciting, inspiring, and fantastic race.  Definitely one of the finest Le Mans races i’ve ever seen…….beating the Peugeot 908 by 13 seconds, and despite the horrible crashes of the #1 and #3 R18 TDIs…….the #2 car prevailed!

Audi now has 10 wins at Le Mans, Porsche is still ahead with 16.

The #2 R18 TDI was driven by the youngest team in the Audi arsenal—piloted by Fassler, Lotterer, and Treluyer.  

(fantastic photos via JoshD @ Quattroworld.com —-click link for more great victory pics)

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James Hunt…my new all-time favourite F1 driver.

Check out the punch, yo! HA!

thanks to: Motorsport Retro for showing me the video!

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Toyota cars unsafe?

toyota prius

Is Toyota covering up some sort of a real unintended acceleration problem?  Could this be a re-hash of Audi in the 80s? Audi nearly went bust after this issue…could this mean that the Toyota empire is on the brink of getting into a ton of trouble? Guess we’ll have to wait to find out…

Here at IEDEI, we are just hoping that the Prius is the main car affected by this, and all the cars are collected and destroyed! ha!

Meanwhile, read this article at ABCNews


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Ayrton Senna film given to the ‘go’


Not too many details out about this, however it seems that an Ayrton Senna documentary has been given the go ahead and is currently casting and organizing.  I wonder if F1 and Bernie-the-keep-everything-F1-related-inside-of-F1 will even allow this film to happen…..they should, as if anyone deserves a film about himself, it is most certainly Ayrton Senna.  More details HERE

Meanwhile, to keep you busy til this film comes out, here is a 6-part documentary about Senna.  Well worth watching:

part 1

part 2

part 3


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the worst rally corner….ever!

That voice in the background screaming “ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay” nearly makes me wanna scream…..but a variety of crashes in a variety of vintage rally cars…..how bizarre.

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