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foto of the day. A310 vs. 2002.

Most people don’t realise just how SMALL the Alpines are, until they either see one in person or see pics of it next to other ‘small’ cars….as most of you know, the BMW 2002 is not exactly a large car….but the Alpine makes it look pretty tall!

The A110 makes any car look huge….but even the A310 is tiny in real life.  The first time I saw these cars in real life, i was amazed at how efficiently small they are in person.

src: JB Hilversum

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“Perfect Match”

a BMW Classic short film.  (thanks to Arman for the tip!)


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weird obscure usage of a BMW 2002 Turbo in a film….

Well this is quite an abstract use of this car!  I have no idea what film this is The film is a French-Belgian production called Dikkinek (Thanks to my friend Olivier!) and i’m still not sure what role that BMW 2002 Turbo had in the rest of the film, however it does create a nice backdrop for…..errr…..quite a weird scene?

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BMW 2002 chase scene….

If the film “Vanishing Point” would have been filmed in a desolate european location, with a BMW 2002tii instead of a Dodge Challenger—-THIS is what it would have looked like…errr….maybe.  Enjoy!

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wallpaper of the day: BMW 1600.

Out in the cold mountains.  Fantastic.

click through picture at


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