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“Nights In White Satin”


my mate Neil (ex-Mainline, ex-Brothers Movement) is now in a band called Sweet Jane, who last year released this cover of the Moody Blues’ “Nights In White Satin”.  Pretty fantastic.


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Boom Boom Satellites and Alpine-Renaults…


So firstly, the Boom Boom Satellites very much impressed me by using an Alpine A110 on the cover of their Debut album, “Out Loud” back in 1999 or so.  They also used an Alpine A310 in their video for “Push Eject” off that same album…fantastic.

When asked about the cars being used, they said “Yeah, we used a photo of Renault Alpine for the last album. I like sports cars from the late sixties to early seventies: I feel driving those cars is a natural extension of our hands and feet.”

check out the video to see them rollin in an A310:

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Album covers with cars.

Oh, so here are some good records with some ace cars on the cover.  The Boom Boom Satellites covers, in particular…are just so groovy.  Alpines!

Got any others? leave a comment with a link to the picture!

Boom Boom Satellites – “Out Loud” LP and “Push Eject” EP



Menswe@r – “Daydreamer” (single)


Arthur & Martha – “Autovia” (single)


Oasis – “Be Here Now” LP


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