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Le Mans winners since 1923

(1924 Bentley 3 Litre, Le Mans winning car---via speeddoctor.net)

Year  Car                Drivers                         Driver Nationality

1923  Chenard & Walcker  A.Lagache, R.Leonard                   (F)
1924  Bentley 3 litre    J.Duff, F.Clement                      (GB)
1925  La Lorraine        G.de Courcelles, A.Rossignol           (F)
1926  La Lorraine        R.Bloch, A.Rossignol                   (F)
1927  Bentley 3 litre    D.Benjafield, S.Davis                  (GB)
1928  Bentley 4.5        W.Barnato, B.Rubin                     (GB)
1929  Bentley 6 speed    W.Barnato, Sir H.Birkin                (GB)
1930  Bentley 6 speed    W.Barnato, G.Kidston                   (GB)
1931  Alfa Romeo 8C2300  E.Howe, Sir H.Birkin                   (GB)
1932  Alfa Romeo 8C2300  R.Sommer, L.Chinetti                   (F,I)
1933  Alfa Romeo 8C2300  R.Sommer, T.Nuvolari                   (F,I)
1934  Alfa Romeo 8C2300  L.Chinetti, P.Etancelin                (I,F)
1935  Lagonda M45R       JS Hindmarsh, L.Fontes                 (GB,RA)
1936  Race cancelled
1937  Bugatti 57G        JP Wimille, R.Benoist                  (F)
1938  Delahaye 135M      E.Chaboud, J.Tremoulet                 (F)
1939  Bugatti 57G        JP Wimille, P.Veyron                   (F)
1940-48 Race cancelled
1949  Ferrari 166MM      L.Chinetti, Lord Selsdon               (USA,GB)
1950  Talbot-Lago        L.Rosier, JL Rosier                    (F)
1951  Jaguar C-Type      P.Walker, P.Whitehead                  (GB)
1952  Mercedes-B.300SL   H.Lang, F.Riess                        (D)
1953  Jaguar C-Type      T.Rolt, D.Hamilton                     (GB)
1954  Ferrari 375        F.Gonzalez, M.Trintignant              (RA,F)
1955  Jaguar D-Type      M.Hawthorn, I.Bueb                     (GB)
1956  Jaguar D-Type      R.Flockhart, N.Sanderson               (GB)
1957  Jaguar D-Type      R.Flockhart, I.Bueb                    (GB)
1958  Ferrari 250TR58    O.Gendebien, P.Hill                    (B,USA)
1959  Aston Martin DBR1  C.Shelby, R.Salvadori                  (USA,GB)
1960  Ferrari 250TR59/60 O.Gendebien, P.Frere                   (B)
1961  Ferrari 250TR61    O.Gendebien, P.Hill                    (B,USA)
1962  Ferrari 330LM/TR   O.Gendebien, P.Hill                    (B,USA)
1963  Ferrari 250P       L.Scarfiotti, L.Bandini                (I)
1964  Ferrari 275P       J.Guichet, N.Vaccarella                (F,I)
1965  Ferrari 250LM      J.Rindt, M.Gregory                     (A,USA)
1966  Ford GT40 Mk2      C.Amon, B.McLaren                      (NZ)
1967  Ford GT40 Mk4      D.Gurney, AJ Foyt                      (USA)
1968  Ford GT40          P.Rodriguez, L.Bianchi                 (Mex,B)
1969  Ford GT40          J.Ickx, J.Oliver                       (B,GB)
1970  Porsche 917        H.Herrmann, R.Attwood                  (D,GB)
1971  Porsche 917        H.Marko, G.van Lennep                  (A,NL)
1972  Matra-Simca MS670  H.Pescarolo, G.Hill                    (F,GB)
1973  Matra-Simca MS670B H.Pescarolo, G.Larrousse               (F)
1974  Matra-Simca MS670B H.Pescarolo, G.Larrousse               (F)
1975  Mirage-Ford M8     J.Ickx, D.Bell                         (B,GB)
1976  Porsche 936        J.Ickx, G.van Lennep                   (B,NL)
1977  Porsche 936        J.Ickx,J.Barth,H.Haywood               (B,D,USA)
1978  Renault Alpine     JP Jaussaud, D.Pironi                  (F)
1979  Porsche 935        K.Ludwig,B & D.Whittington             (D,USA)
1980  Rondeau Ford M379B JP Jaussaud, J.Rondeau                 (F)
1981  Porsche 936-81     J.Ickx, D.Bell 	                (B,GB)
1982  Porsche 956-82     J.Ickx, D.Bell 			(B,GB)
1983  Porsche 956-83     V.Schuppan, H.Haywood, A.Holbert   	(A,USA,USA)
1984  Porsche 956B       K.Ludwig, H.Pescarolo 			(D,F)
1985  Porsche 956B       K.Ludwig, P.Barilla, J.Winter      	(D,I,D)
1986  Porsche 962C       D.Bell, H.Stuck, A.Holbert		(GB,D,USA)
1987  Porsche 962C       D.Bell, H.Stuck, A.Holbert		(GB,D,USA)
1988  Jaguar XJR-9LM     J.Dumfries, J.Lammers, A.Wallace	(GB,NL,GB)
1989  Sauber Mercedes C9 J.Mass, S.Dickens, M.Reuter		(D,S,D)
1990  Jaguar XJR-12      M.Brundle, J.Nielsen, P.Cobb		(GB,DK,USA)
1991  Mazda 787B         J.Herbert, B.Gachot, V.Weidler		(GB,B,D)
1992  Peugeot 905        D.Warwick, Y.Dalmas, M.Blundell	(GB,F,GB)
1993  Peugeot 905B       G.Brabham, E.Helary, C.Bouchut		(AUS,F,F)
1994  Dauer Porsche962LM Y.Dalmas, H.Haywood, M.Baldi		(F,USA,I)
1995  McLaren F1 GTR     Y.Dalmas, JJ Lehto, M.Sekiya		(F,SF,J)
1996  Porsche WSC95      D.Jones, M.Reuter, A.Wurz		(USA,D,A)
1997  Porsche WSC95      M.Alboreto, S.Johansson, T.Kristensen	(I,S,DK)
1998  Porsche 911 GT1-98 A.McNish, S.Ortelli, L.Aiello		(GB,F,F)
1999  BMW V12 LMR        Y.Dalmas, J.Winkelhock, P.Martini	(F,D,I)
2000  Audi R8            F.Biela, T.Kristensen, E.Pirro		(D,DK,I)
2001  Audi R8            F.Biela, T.Kristensen, E.Pirro		(D,DK,I)
2002  Audi R8            F.Biela, T.Kristensen, E.Pirro		(D,DK,I)
2003  Bentley EXP Speed8 R.Capello, T.Kristensen, G.Smith    	(I,DK,GB)
2004  Audi R8            S.Ara, T.Kristensen, R.Capello    	(J,DK,I)
2005  Audi R8            JJ Lehto, T.Kristensen, M.Werber       (SF,DK,D)
2006  Audi R10 TDI       F.Biela, E.Pirro, M.Werner		(D,I,D)
2007  Audi R10 TDI       F.Biela, E.Pirro, M.Werner		(D,I,D)
2008  Audi R10 TDI       A.McNish, R.Capello, T.Kristensen	(GB,I,DK)
2009  Peugeot 908 HDI    A.Wurz, D.Brabham, M.Gene		(A,AUS,E)
2010  Audi R15-plus TDI  T.Bernhard, R.Dumas, M.Rockenfeller    (D,F,D)
2011  Audi R18 TDI       A. Lotterer, M. Fassler, B. Treluyer   (F,D,SU)   

LIST VIA (edited with removal of distance/speed) : http://www.silhouet.com/motorsport/lemans.html
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Audi conquers Le Mans 2010. 1-2-3.

Monsieur Peugeot must be pissed!  Audi delivered their TDI power reliably, taking on an defeating Peugeot on their home turf.  Audi is now tied with Ferrari for all time wins there, with Porsche leading everybody.

Audi USA have a flickr photostream going on with 100s of photos of the Le Mans weekend.  Here are some of my favourites of the R15 TDI.  See the rest at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/audiusa

a proud day to be an Audiphile as I am.


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art of the day. atlantic.

in honor of the recently auctioned and  record setting $30 million BUGATTI TYPE  57SC ATLANTIC (Atlantique) which was owned by the late car collector and neurologist Dr. Peter Williamson

I met Dr. Williamson once, and he showed me around his Bugatti Type 35B.  He was a gentleman and a good guy.  Sad to see his Bugatti collection now being parted out after his death…

i’m not sure who the artist of this great piece is…

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Album covers with cars.

Oh, so here are some good records with some ace cars on the cover.  The Boom Boom Satellites covers, in particular…are just so groovy.  Alpines!

Got any others? leave a comment with a link to the picture!

Boom Boom Satellites – “Out Loud” LP and “Push Eject” EP



Menswe@r – “Daydreamer” (single)


Arthur & Martha – “Autovia” (single)


Oasis – “Be Here Now” LP


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