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A sofa, a table, a TV, and a 512BB.

I actually find this family room to also be a bit vulgar, however in its vulgarity lies a distinct appreciation for the art and design of the automobile; in which case I can override the over-the-top blingtastic behaviour which is so often associated to Ferraris.

These are page scans via Locale Magazine, please click them to enlarge them and read about the owner of the car and his house.

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20 years later: Audi Avus Concept.

Quattroholic has put up some fantastic scans from an Audi AG book about the 1991 Audi Avus Concept.   Hard to believe this was 20 years ago.  A lot of the design cues from this car directly influenced future products like the Bugatti Veyron, Audi TT, and Audi R8.  The Avus was heavily influenced by the legendary Auto Union race cars of the 20s and 30s—and represented a turning point in modern Audi design.

check out the full scans at:


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RS2 & 500E.

What do an Avant with 4 rings and an (almost) normal E-class Mercedes have in common?  Well…these 2 were series production cars built by Porsche.  The RS2 is one of the holy grail cars round here, and the 500E might be one of the unsuspecting sleepers around…

Articles from the July 2002 issue of GT Purely Porsche

(click to enlarge)

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BMW 1M vs. Audi TT-RS

Car & Driver is improving!!—-good on them to test the 2 cars we have all been waiting to see a test of against each other—the wicked Audi TT-RS and the majestic BMW 1M. I love both of these cars—kind of torn because of my ‘Audiphile’ nature telling me to prefer the TT-RS, however deep somewhere in my head it’s the 1M that captures my imagination massively.   I do despise the looks of the TT-RS, as i think they pretty much ruined the 2nd generation of the TT—a car that deserved to evolve better from the timless MK1.  To me, the 1M’s styling makes it one of the best looking cars of my lifetime.  Imaginative, toy-like, and just aggressive.

The Infiniti G37 IPL is also in this comparison, however doesn’t really match up to the other 2 in terms of size, style, or performance.  The TT-RS posts a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds (!!!!!) and beats the other two in lap times and most performance criteria.  No surprise there, but by price, i have to say the BMW 1M is such a great car starting at $47k.  I don’t think the owners of either of these 2 monsters will be dissappointed….i think the Porsche Cayman R would have been a good 3rd car in this comparison.  Meanwhile….please excuse me while i continue to have wet dreams about that orange 1M.


(these scans were uploaded by Superchargedcarman from 1addicts)


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