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Space Shuttle Through the streets of Los Angeles.

A wicked surreal scene of the Space Shuttle going through L.A streets!  Lovely time-lapse video by the Los Angeles Times.

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A sofa, a table, a TV, and a 512BB.

I actually find this family room to also be a bit vulgar, however in its vulgarity lies a distinct appreciation for the art and design of the automobile; in which case I can override the over-the-top blingtastic behaviour which is so often associated to Ferraris.

These are page scans via Locale Magazine, please click them to enlarge them and read about the owner of the car and his house.

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audi quattro concept; real life pics!

Thanks to Brad (Automobiliac) for pointing me towards this post on Jalopnik, where they show real life pics of the quattro concept in Malibu, California!  The best new design of 2010 looks even better in the real world! WOW! DO WANT.

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BMW M3 (E92) Rollin’ thru LA

What a cool video.  Check it out!  Cheers to World Car Fans for the heads up.

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BMW art car exhibit coming to NYC


Well, as you may or may not know—the IEDEI BLOG is based in NYC.  Several days ago, I had posted some photos of the Frank Stella BMW 3.0CSL “art car”….now i’ll get to see this car in person, as BMW is taking these cars on a tour.  The collection will be on display in Los Angeles, and then make its way to New York City Grand Central Terminal from March 24th-April 5th.

Here’s some video press coverage of the BMW art car exhibit:

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