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A sofa, a table, a TV, and a 512BB.

I actually find this family room to also be a bit vulgar, however in its vulgarity lies a distinct appreciation for the art and design of the automobile; in which case I can override the over-the-top blingtastic behaviour which is so often associated to Ferraris.

These are page scans via Locale Magazine, please click them to enlarge them and read about the owner of the car and his house.

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alfa romeo junior z.

yes i love the Alfa Romeo Junior Z—–i know lots of people don’t like it, and i’ve had conversations with Alfisti who discredit its weird Zagato roots and shape—-however I find it to be quite unique, and in person it is very very tiny and compact! All types of cool!   I did learn something new today though; that the Junior Z was made in 2 forms, a short tail 1300 and a ‘longer’ tail 1600.  Also on the Alfa Workshop, there is a photo of a ‘mid-engined’ variant….

The Junior Z is quickly catching up to the Montreal when it comes to my favourite post WW2 Alfa Romeos.

these archival photos taken from the Alfa Workshop  

These scans were found on the AlfaBB some time ago, and I had saved them.  I’m not sure exactly who had scanned them.

CLICK TO ENLARGE (article is in English!)

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RS2 & 500E.

What do an Avant with 4 rings and an (almost) normal E-class Mercedes have in common?  Well…these 2 were series production cars built by Porsche.  The RS2 is one of the holy grail cars round here, and the 500E might be one of the unsuspecting sleepers around…

Articles from the July 2002 issue of GT Purely Porsche

(click to enlarge)

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RS2 vs. M5: battle of the family hustlers.

the uber-cool Audi RS2 and the rare and desirable BMW E34 M5 Touring might be two of the most desirable avants/wagons/touring/estate cars ever made.  The RS2 (one of my top 10 most desirable cars) was hand built by Porsche.  Amazing that in a time where Audi was struggling after the whole 60-minutes-false-claim-scam-slandering; they decided to have a go with Porsche building them a specialised 5-cylinder monster.  The biggest rumour about the RS2? It has been claimed that the RS2 does 0-30 mph faster than a McLaren F1.  I’d love to see that.  The RS2 never came to the US—i have 9 years to wait til i can use the 25 year-import rule to think about bringing one over here.

The E34 M5 was a great car; in my mind the last great M5.  The E39 kinda lost the charm as far as i’m concerned, although i’m sure plenty of people reading this love the E39.  The E34 M5 Touring is an even rarer, more obscure proposition! I’ve never seen one; mainly because it was never brought to the US either.  Surely the E34 M5 meant business; as did the RS2——so which one is better?

You would think because this article was written in a magazine called BMWCar, this article would be biased—–but i have to say that I think they’ve done a remarkably fair and excellent write-up on these 2 amazing cars.  I don’t really care for wagons——but i love both of these…..albeit one more than the other.

Oh and to my 2 friends I was discussing the Cadillac CTS-V Wagon with a couple days ago—–i’ll take either of these thankyouverymuch!


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1984 Audi 4000s vs. 2009 Audi A4 2.0T S-Line


FOURTITUDE has a great article profiling both cars, along with some great writing about each of these cars.  Some cool photos too!

“While 1984 may have marked the last year for that early B2 bodystyle, fast forwarding 25 years finds the B8 A4 in its first year of production and times have changed. Audi has matured as a car manufacturer and technologies have come a long way. Materials used to build today’s A4 are some of the finest in the industry and the chassis is more capable than any Audi sedan to date. Pricing has gone up considerably from the ’80s but the car has grown in size while power and efficiency have also made great strides.”

Check out the rest of the article with more fotos HERE


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IEDEI vs. Toyota Prius (Round 1)


I’m really hoping some of you reach this blog, while researching information about the Toyota Prius.  If you were googling for reliability, pricing, consumer reviews, problems, troubleshooting, whatever.

Let’s start by stating the obvious; the Toyota Prius is a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE car.  It is SLOW, it is severely UGLY, it handles like feces, and it quite simply lacks any character.  The car is all hype, and for the several thousands upon thousands of minions who were too dim to actually bother trying to find a proper car and instead ended up with a Prius; think about what this car says about you.

Why bother dressing in a suit to go to work in a Prius?  You’ve already told the world you don’t give a crap what you look like; which is exactly why you’ve rolled into the work parking lot driving a misproportioned wedge.


You wanted economy……OHHHHHHH.  So why have you not picked up a hugely efficient new Diesel which runs clean without spilling Nickel into the environment like the cancerous Prius seems to do.  Audi, VW, and BMW are all making solid diesel cars at the moment.  You can’t afford an Audi or BMW? Fine…..then drive over to the VW dealership and get a Rabbit (Golf in 2010) or Jetta TDI.  You’ll pull a solid 40-50mpg everywhere you go—and it won’t take you 15 years to get to 60mph.  More than that though, your friends will like you a little bit more, and the grass on your lawn will STILL be growing greener than ever.

Saving a few $$$ is not worth making an ass out of yourself.  The truth of the matter is; people hate seeing a Toyota Prius in front of them on the freeway, or getting stuck behind one in the city is generally worse than getting stuck behind a bus. Occasionally, you’ll see a minion of a human driving a Prius really really really fast (which is generally 40-50mph….fast for a Prion…err..Prius) and doing all sorts of weird maneuvers trying to draw attention to their strange little car.  Sometimes I wonder if these people think they are driving a Toyota Racing Development (TRD) tuned sports car?  Do they KNOW how slow and underperforming of a car they are actually driving?

You are NOT making the world a better place by buying a Prius.   You’re just making yourself look like a twit.

If I had extra money lying around, I would buy a Prius—-to have it junked and crushed for kicks!

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