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Avant Heaven.

These are the coolest Avants (Wagons) ever made.  If it were my choice, i’d grab the RS2 and the B8 RS4 for maximum satisfaction.  Best commercial of the year!

Thanks to Skaala for the tip!


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a belgian RS2.

The hottest wagon ever….in my favourite colour for an RS2.  These pictures are from Simoni’s thread on the S2 Forum.

these are just so facking cool.

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RS2 & 500E.

What do an Avant with 4 rings and an (almost) normal E-class Mercedes have in common?  Well…these 2 were series production cars built by Porsche.  The RS2 is one of the holy grail cars round here, and the 500E might be one of the unsuspecting sleepers around…

Articles from the July 2002 issue of GT Purely Porsche

(click to enlarge)

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RS2 vs. M5: battle of the family hustlers.

the uber-cool Audi RS2 and the rare and desirable BMW E34 M5 Touring might be two of the most desirable avants/wagons/touring/estate cars ever made.  The RS2 (one of my top 10 most desirable cars) was hand built by Porsche.  Amazing that in a time where Audi was struggling after the whole 60-minutes-false-claim-scam-slandering; they decided to have a go with Porsche building them a specialised 5-cylinder monster.  The biggest rumour about the RS2? It has been claimed that the RS2 does 0-30 mph faster than a McLaren F1.  I’d love to see that.  The RS2 never came to the US—i have 9 years to wait til i can use the 25 year-import rule to think about bringing one over here.

The E34 M5 was a great car; in my mind the last great M5.  The E39 kinda lost the charm as far as i’m concerned, although i’m sure plenty of people reading this love the E39.  The E34 M5 Touring is an even rarer, more obscure proposition! I’ve never seen one; mainly because it was never brought to the US either.  Surely the E34 M5 meant business; as did the RS2——so which one is better?

You would think because this article was written in a magazine called BMWCar, this article would be biased—–but i have to say that I think they’ve done a remarkably fair and excellent write-up on these 2 amazing cars.  I don’t really care for wagons——but i love both of these…..albeit one more than the other.

Oh and to my 2 friends I was discussing the Cadillac CTS-V Wagon with a couple days ago—–i’ll take either of these thankyouverymuch!


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foto of the day. A110 (+RS2)

what’s better than seeing my holy grail ultimate automotive perfection (Alpine A110) and one of the members of my shortlist of most desirable cars ever (Audi RS2) sneaking around in the background…in the same photo!  Thanks to Michael Sakar for posting this on his FB.

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foto of the day. RS2.

Yes, currently banned for importation into the US—–however I am holding my breath for the 25 year classics rule.  One of my all-time favourites, the legendary Audi RS2.

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car of the day. 500E

the legendary Mercedes-Benz 500E.  no it’s not a ‘regular’ W124 E-Class MB….the 500E was handbuilt by Porsche…..right alongside the also legendary Audi RS2.  It’s a very special car that was brought to the US during the time (unlike the RS2).  You can find them regularly on the 2nd hand market, and many people don’t even know the significance of the car………

0-60: 5.5 seconds; 326hp.

about 10,000 produced globally….1500 brought to the US Market.

M5? who needs an M5.  I’d much rather have this than an E34 M5.

wish i could read this website for more info, but i can’t be arsed to translate the whole thing!



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foto of the day. AUDI Galore.

Pretty sweet. 8 Audis = 1 AMAZING wallpaper.

Courtesy of www.carmagazine.co.uk

click to enlarge

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car of the day. Audi RS2.

Well, i’m a self-confessed Audi person; however these days i’ve had an overwhelming fascination with the Audi RS2.  Developed with Porsche in the mid-90s, the Audi RS2 is the beginning of the entire RS brigade that Audi would further launch afterwards.

Yes, it’s a wagon—yes it was engineered by Porsche—-and yes it’s faster from 0-30 than a McLaren F1.  They never brought these to the USA, and that blows—-however word is there are a couple in the US, and a couple more that are being converted into RS2s from regular Audi 80/90.  Avants…..interesting.

A friend of mine from Norway, Espen—-recently had his RS2 stolen in Norway.  Those daft bastards—–you’re gonna get busted.







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Good Story: Ola and his 1982 Audi Quattro Coupe.


What a cool story this is! 21 year-old swede Ola Johansson bought a 1982 Audi Quattro Coupe for 150 Euros, with the dream of turning it into a replica 1987 Pikes Peak S1 Quattro.  He had no previous experience in designing/building/engineering, and not much money to start off…..so basically he got to work!! Several months later he had a working (but dirty) version he showed at a local car show.  Certain people were very impressed by his work—including people working at Koeniggsegg, who offered him a job there (!). A transformation of his car from a rusty junked Coupe to a serious Pikes Peak replica—-complete with a modded-by-koeniggsegg Porsche-sourced Audi RS2 engine!

click here for the full article at EUROTUNER: http://www.eurotuner.com/featuredvehicles/eurp_0906_1982_audi_coupe_quattro/index.html

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