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Dazzle Ship.

A beautiful oil painting by Edward Wadsworth from 1919 as a part of the glorious Vorticism movement, entitled “Dazzle Ship In Drydock At Liverpool”.

I’m currently on the lookout to buy some original Vorticist paintings by people such as Wyndham Lewis and Edward Wadsworth, amongst others, so if anyone reading this has any leads to places which may have such paintings for sale or on auction, please shoot me an e-mail or leave a reply here with your contact info.

Dazzle-ships in drydock at Liverpool

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carl fudge.

Very, very cool.  Heavily influenced by Vorticism.

“The works presented by Carl Fudge follow the success of his exhibition The Black Country, presented by Galerie Richard in New York in 2011. Fudge is recognized as one of the first painters to incorporate digital processes into his technique. Fudge’s work refers to an area in the West Midlands of England. This region became intensely compromised during the industrial revolution, as coalmines, iron foundries and steel mills had left their black mark on the landscape. Fudge found inspiration in a series of woodcuts picturing this region by artist Edward Wadsworth, a member of the avant-garde Vorticism movement. Wadsworth’s woodcuts of slagheaps and furnaces provide a point of departure for Fudge in this new group of paintings and woodcut prints. Fudge’s ability to retain the influence of Wadsworth’s traditional woodcuts, even while deconstructing them through a digital process, is truly fascinating.  Because this series uses mostly a red palette, the viewer may decipher images of a crumbling city plagued by turmoil. In this way, this exhibition has a pulse that strikes a chord with the economic crisis we find ourselves in today.”

Galerie Richard


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the machine age.

“The Machine Age” by artist unknown (circa 1916, although thought to be a Vorticist drawing)

This drawing is on sale at Young & Son for a price not listed.

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art of the day: “Battery Shelled”

by P. Wyndham Lewis (1919)


src:  mirco conti

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self portrait of the day.

c. 1911, by the fascinating Wyndham Lewis


src:  University of London

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This painting is by William Roberts and entitled “The Vorticists at The Restaurant De La Tour Eiffel”, from 1915—holding their copy of the Vorticist magazine “Blast” (issue #1).


src: Articles & Texticles

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“The Crowd”

I am intrigued by Wyndham Lewis; the founder of the Vorticism movement of the early 1910s in the UK.  It’s been less than 24 hours since I discovered the art and writings of this fine man, yet I am thoroughly fascinated.  I have always been taken by the exhuberant Italian Futurism movement of those times, and Mr. Lewis’ adventures seem like the UK’s answer to those Futurist claims.  In addition to being a superb artist, Lewis also wrote several books and literary pieces.  More on Wyndham Lewis in a future IEDEI post.

this painting is entitled “The Crowd”:

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