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Dazzle Ship.

A beautiful oil painting by Edward Wadsworth from 1919 as a part of the glorious Vorticism movement, entitled “Dazzle Ship In Drydock At Liverpool”.

I’m currently on the lookout to buy some original Vorticist paintings by people such as Wyndham Lewis and Edward Wadsworth, amongst others, so if anyone reading this has any leads to places which may have such paintings for sale or on auction, please shoot me an e-mail or leave a reply here with your contact info.

Dazzle-ships in drydock at Liverpool

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art of the day: “Battery Shelled”

by P. Wyndham Lewis (1919)


src:  mirco conti

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self portrait of the day.

c. 1911, by the fascinating Wyndham Lewis


src:  University of London

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Nude 1.

by the amazing Wyndham Lewis.


src: journalOfANobody

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This painting is by William Roberts and entitled “The Vorticists at The Restaurant De La Tour Eiffel”, from 1915—holding their copy of the Vorticist magazine “Blast” (issue #1).


src: Articles & Texticles

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