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Nude 1.

by the amazing Wyndham Lewis.


src: journalOfANobody

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vintage road foto: South Grade Rd.


this photo is taken from the 1920s…..very cool.  Located in the Palomar Mountain area of California.

source: http://palomarskies.blogspot.com/2009/11/long-and-winding-road.html

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BMW E30 M3 Evo…..with 59 km? and another with 92 km!? NEW!

An amazing story, of a guy who found an E30 M3 Evo sitting brand new……….not even just a regular E30 M3, but an EVO! amazing.

as he puts it:

“The car has not been started or driven for 20years, so will need recommissioning, its booked into a BMW main dealer next week for all fluids,filters and belts a to be changed before its started for the first time in 20 years. Its never been cleaned and has never seen rain and very little day light!!! its just been sat there and forgotten about!!! hence the original 20 year old dust, i quite like it like that it just show’s provenance that the car really was forgotten about!!!  When its been cleaned and serviced i’ll post more pics”

WAIT A MINUTE!!! There’s more.

he found ANOTHER identical  M3 Evo sitting right next to it with 92 KM and bought the 2nd one as well!! Unbelievable.

at which point, he posted:

“Well ive got some more news for you all!!!!! Sorry just showing off now.  Have another look at the photo’s you will see that the cars are sat on different surfaces!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s not one there were two identical cars both parked next to each other for 20yrs. Ones done 59 kilometers the other has done 92 kilometers”

so he bought both……..AND the RS200 Cosworth!


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the sinister glamour of AUTO UNION.

CLICK TO ENLARGE for gorgeous wallpaper.

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Pikes Peak short film: “Climb Dance” (1990)

Still one of the BEST 5 minutes car clips EVER!


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