audi quattro concept; real life pics!

Thanks to Brad (Automobiliac) for pointing me towards this post on Jalopnik, where they show real life pics of the quattro concept in Malibu, California!  The best new design of 2010 looks even better in the real world! WOW! DO WANT.

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4 thoughts on “audi quattro concept; real life pics!

  1. Automobiliac says:

    Are you sure that isn’t a Camaro with a body kit? Look at that C-Pillar.

  2. Syed says:

    a vague similarity to the camaro c-pillar isn’t enough to wipe away the historical similarity to the legendary quattro sport! this car is rooted in tradition. at 2900 pounds and 420+hp….it is a rocketship as well….absolutely LOVE it!

  3. albumcars says:

    wow amazing car

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