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iPad: ROAD Inc.

The iPad is a pretty astounding device; sure you’ve heard the hype and the blah blah blah—-but the fact of the matter is, it is the premier mobile all-in-one multimedia device.  If you’re not convinced, then you should check out just how many amazing motoring and automotive applications there are available.  I have multiple folders full of stellar automotive enthusiast applications.  The latest of which is called Road Inc. 

I’ve always found it pretty amazing that automobiles (sometimes) have so much aesthetic importance given to them, yet automotive websites are so NON-aesthetically pleasing.  Often I find them to look like an offshoot of ESPN or some tacky jock football page. The iPad, however, serves to provide a clean, interactive platform to make apps.  A stylistic revolution is surely needed—-enter why i love the Road Inc. application so much.

To start, the app comes with various ‘veiled’ classics—each of which can have a packet downloaded into the iPad for free, upon the user’s interest in the automobile.  After that comes a barrage of information, media, photography, 3D image renderings, essays, and a wealth of information about the car being looked at.

Earlier today, i downloaded the packet for one of my favourite all-time (race)cars—-the Bugatti Type 35b; here are just a couple sample screenshots i took earlier:

They supply a 360 degree rotatable image, to check the car out in its entirety.

There is beautiful attention to detail here; and you get the sense that someone has poured in plenty of time and energy to make this app a beautiful one to use for the motoring enthusiast.  I salute Road Inc. for making something like this.  Currently there are 50 cars available with a full data packet download of information.  I really look forward to see Road Inc expand on this list in the future.  The app is currently available in the iPad application store for $4.99.

Link: Road Inc.

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foto of the day. Type 37s.

1929 Bugatti Type 37s…in a row, with Type 35s in the background.

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art of the day. bugatti factory.

for sale: $2500

artist: Joe Perricone


some information about the painting from Tom Miller Sports And Classics:

Joe Perricone has been painting since childhood and has been restoring vintage cars for over 35 years. Joe started painting cars when he had a desire to do 4 paintings of the Vanderbilt cup races and never looked back. He paints oil on canvas of cars of the 20’s and 30’s, mostly of races lost in time and long forgotten. The subject matter is of the pits, action in corners and break downs on the track. Joe’s work is in the collection of Hutchinson Co. and many other private collections, he has paintings hanging next to the great automotive painter Peter Helck amongst others. Joe’s work is an expressionist remembrance of the work done in the 1860’s through the 1890’s with abstract line for balance and perspective and a distinctive color palette.

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foto of the day. 35b.

Bugatti Type 35b

Photographer: IEDEI

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foto of the day. 01312010.

one of the greatest cars ever made— the Bugatti Type 35b. the first time i saw one in person at the Cranbrook Concours, i just took a seat on the grass and stared at it for about 30 minutes.  I’ll never forget the way it made me feel…….

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Bugatti Type 35b Prototype.

In a world full of spy shots, prototype photos, etc….it’s so cool to see a 1924 photo of a Bugatti Type 35b prototype. old school wow.

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