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Yes, do you have a brochure for a 1965 Matra Djet?

Why, yes of course.

I love the Matra Djet, not just because it was a slightly odder looking, lesser successful, weirdo cousin of the Alpine A110; but because on its own right it is pretty damn wickedly cool!

src: the wonderful oldcarmanualproject


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art of the day. vintage Elite manual.

I respect most Lotus models, but don’t really love them—-except the original Elite! what a car.

This is a vintage Lotus Elite manual.

source: ocmp

btw, here’s another nice vintage Advertisement for the ELITE.



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art of the day. Vespa 400.

Yes, there was a car made with the Vespa badge, called the 400. ┬árear engined and TINY. ┬áNot much of a car i’m afraid, but this kitsch-y page from a vintage manual is worth a look for a bit of entertainment!

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