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M5 brochure.

No, not that M5—-the 1971-1975 Leica M5.  Some of my favourite excerpts from an original M5 brochure.  In my opinion, the most beautiful camera ever made by Leica!

src: keh

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art of the day. AMX.

Yes I have a new favourite muscle car these days! The glorious AMC AMX 290.

This artwork is from an original 1968 promo packet for the AMC AMX and the rest of the AMC line.

src: planetHoustonAMX

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brochure of the day. SM

How beautiful are the funky 70s photos in this brochure of the exquisite 1973 Citroen SM!?

src: lovxlr8

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Yes, do you have a brochure for a 1965 Matra Djet?

Why, yes of course.

I love the Matra Djet, not just because it was a slightly odder looking, lesser successful, weirdo cousin of the Alpine A110; but because on its own right it is pretty damn wickedly cool!

src: the wonderful oldcarmanualproject


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brochure of the day. Bonneville.

the original brochure for the Triumph Bonneville from 1959.  Badass.

link with waaaay too much information for a motorcycle novice such as myself! ha!



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ad of the day. Fulvia Zagato.

i love this car, and i love this ad! Vintage Lancia! 

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art of the day. Vespa 400.

Yes, there was a car made with the Vespa badge, called the 400.  rear engined and TINY.  Not much of a car i’m afraid, but this kitsch-y page from a vintage manual is worth a look for a bit of entertainment!

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yes, hi, i would like a Porsche 917 brochure please?

“why, absolutely sir…”

CLICK to enlarge

thanks to the Old Car Manual Project for these scans!


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hello: Audi RS5.

Looks fantastic, as expected.  Engine specs haven’t been released yet, although i’m hoping forced induction.  450hp at least,  could it be a 3.0 Twin Turbo or 4.2L V8?  Possible.   Either way….it looks epic.

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