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i love these vintage programs from the original races; this one is from 1969 Lime Rock….from Progcovers


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foto of the day. Javelin.

Yes, i’m having a bit of a TA nostalgic day. The superb AMC Javelin used by Mark Donahue in the Trans Am series.

(click to enlarge this wonderfully aggressive foto)

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Trans-Am racing.

Can-Am and Trans-Am racing were easily THE glory days of american road racing.  Will american road racing ever get something as cool as this ever again? doubtful.  Look at the style of the public at those races, and look at the lively attendance.  As I type this, I am watching the Continental Sports Car Challenge on SpeedTV and thinking it may be the only descendent left of the original Trans-Am series; however there is hardly a crowd there, barely any enthusiasm, and lacking great drivers like the Trans-Am series had.  What a shame.

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foto of the day. camaro.

Dunno much about the foto…except that it’s a vintage Camaro…which looks like trans-am racing spec and  that i so dig it.

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