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the greatest 2.5 minutes of cinema you have never seen.


Bollywood to the rescue.  I’ve watched this scene about 10 times now….and i’m still overflowing with laughter.

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This is so wicked. The future of presence.

Experiments into the Kinect for live 3D capture and overlay projection.  Coded by Sarat Babu and Stefan Dzisieswki-Smith.


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Cities at night…from space.

I am a city person—I want the lights, the sounds, the smells, the chaos, the industry, the cars, the madness, the neverending spirit of a big city that never relaxes.  Sure it can sometimes be extremely frustrating to live in a city like New York City—but i wouldn’t have it any other way.  I drive through insane traffic every day…and it’s never easy…but I still enjoy it.  A young gentleman should be firing his engines through the streets of a bustling city.  All of these things become extra-cool at night!

Here’s a pretty lovely video by NASA from a few years ago showing how major cities look at night, from far out in the sky and from space.  Pretty cool stuff.

here’s another great video:

src: NASA

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1969 East African Safari rally.

An adventure and its documentation.  An event which is still alive today as more of a nostalgic event!


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video of the day. GT-R.

The latest in the Depth of Speed series, and in my opinion the best video in the series by quite a margin—Eric Bauer and his KPGC10 GT-R.  Beautiful.  Eric seems genuinely gushing over his purchase, and rightfully so!

Nice video too—with no overdramatic cheeseball piano music like most of the ‘new’ car videos are inserting!

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video of the day. “Speed of Light”

Well this is pretty damn wicked.  This is going to create a whole new generation of 10 year-olds making films with little projectors!  Directed by The Theory.

src: ralfBecker

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video of the day. 1973 Rallye Monte Carlo.

This has to be one of THE best openings to any video i’ve seen in a long time….cryptic night time scenes with slowly evolving funkified 1970s psychedelic music makes for video perfection!  What a year for great cars in rallying as well!  That Fulvia is off-the-hook cool.

What an amazing 25 minute documentary this is! Enjoy

Thanks to Simon C for sharing this!

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NYC Premiere: Truth in 24 II

Last night I attended the debut showing of Truth In 24 II (Part 2, “Every Second Counts”) at the Audi Forum NYC.  If you haven’t been to the Audi Forum in NYC, well it’s another lovely place for Audiphiles such as myself to hang out for an hour or two for special events such as this one.  Set on Park Ave. and 47th street—it is open during the week to the public, and on the weekends for special events such as this one.  Thanks to George (who makes a striking cameo in the film!) for getting me on the list for this.

I am a huge fan of the original Truth In 24, as I think it is one of THE great motorsports documentaries ever made.  Jason Statham returns as the voice behind the action, with a slightly overdramatic tone—-however one that really does capture some of the excitement of the spectacle which is Le Mans.

So we all know the story here—-the 2011 Le Mans was one of THE greatest in the history of the La Sarthe beast…..and hence the idea behind Ti24-II was even stronger than the original.  The race was even more interesting, the car was even more stunning (the R18 TDI is just blisteringly cool), and the storyline of that race creates a total atmosphere of how one team battled fierce competition against crashes, adversity odds during the race to become the outright winners.

You don’t have to be an Audi Sport fan to love this documentary—you just have to love the idea of motorsports.  Part 2 lifts off where Part 1 closed the door—and it feels more like a continuation of the story rather than a new one.  I was captivated by the documentary—by the beauty of the race cars, the trauma of watching a stressful race which I remember watching live last summer, and by the excellent narration, cinematography, and conversations with race personnel.

This is a must watch, as was the first one.  Truth In 24 II will be made digitally and on DVD very soon, and will be showing in premieres around the country until then.  Go see it.

Audi R8 V10 Spyder parked in the Audi Forum.


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Subaru 1966: “we call it cheap & ugly”

What an insane commercial (infomercial?)!

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R8 GT vs. SLS AMG vs GT2 RS

Again—a video of which i understand pretty much nothing.  But I LOVE all 3 of these cars and the footage is great!  22 minutes of…


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Ferrari who?

the absolutely remarkable Lamborghini Aventador.

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The return of Evo magazine’s Project Veyrog!

A couple of years ago, Evo Magazine bought a MK1 Audi TT 225 Coupe to modify and turn into a track day monster—the car’s progress had been updated through the Autumn of 2009, and then it fell off the face of the earth.  Well it is back, and will be doing track days all summer.  Good stuff; i’ll be following along.

Top Gear Alfa Romeo Challenge.

If you haven’t seen this episode of Top Gear—-it is a classic!

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commercial(s) of the day. Strada & Brava (US).

“designed by computer modeling”!!!!!  Fiat responded to the VW Golf/Rabbit with this monstrosity…

The Brava, on the other hand…looked alright, but had the integrity of a pair of flip flops.  I love how the whole ad is filmed in a suburban neighbourhood somewhere in middle US soil! how tactical…..

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ad of the day. ur quattro

woman. ‘mobile phone’. high heels. weird airplane.  ur quattro.  all the makings of a classic vintage Audi commercial!

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video of the day. Montreal.

One of my favourite Alfas—-and in a beautiful owner.  Nicely narrated introduction to the Alfa Romeo Montreal

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TT-RS tunnel run.

nice dark tunnel + epic Audi TT-RS + water = EPIC.

ALSO—there is a video showing some of the footage here (what a sound!):

big thanks to Lukas for sending the tip! Apparently this was being filmed for a Dutch TV show called ‘AutoRAI’ (click to enlarge fotos)

for the full set of fotos, go here:

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video of the day. 510

My first ‘real’ car (not counting my lime green 1977 Buick Le Sabre i had when i was 15/16) was a 1993 Nissan Sentra SE-R which was just a fantastic car….i still miss it sometimes.  It was quite pure for its time.  That SE-R was a natural descendant of this; the 510.

I found this great 26 minute vintage film called “Against All Odds” about the 510.  Well worth a watch!


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Trans-Am racing.

Can-Am and Trans-Am racing were easily THE glory days of american road racing.  Will american road racing ever get something as cool as this ever again? doubtful.  Look at the style of the public at those races, and look at the lively attendance.  As I type this, I am watching the Continental Sports Car Challenge on SpeedTV and thinking it may be the only descendent left of the original Trans-Am series; however there is hardly a crowd there, barely any enthusiasm, and lacking great drivers like the Trans-Am series had.  What a shame.

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just how fast are F1 cars?

thank you to AchTTung for showing me this!

Watch the street cars first, full of fast track day cars (Ultima, Caterham, Lotus, etc…)

now, F1 cars (!!)

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2 great reviews with lots of nice driving footage.  I may be a Bavarian Druglord, but i can’t understand german!


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Fast Lane Daily: Nurburgring $1000 challenge!

Interesting challenge.  Can one get to and drive the nurburgring for under $1k?

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