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ad of the day. “styling so hairy….”

I think my Detroit roots are catching up with me these days—-as i’ve been thinking more and more about cars like the AMC Javelin. I’ve always found the design of the Javelin to be….well…..challenging.  While there’s no denying that the Mark Donahue Trans-Am Javelins looked incredible….the street version has always been challenging!  All in all though, i think it’s a tremendously unique design.  Very appropriate for its era.  Look at those wheel arch bulges!

You have to love a car whose ad calls its styling “hairy”!

 src: hugo90

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vintage trans-am racing fotos.

There are just wonderful photos.  from the 1970 Road America race

credit: Carpenterdesign (Autosport)

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foto of the day. Javelin.

Yes, i’m having a bit of a TA nostalgic day. The superb AMC Javelin used by Mark Donahue in the Trans Am series.

(click to enlarge this wonderfully aggressive foto)

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AMC Javelin vintage video review…

I LOVE these old TV reviews….here’s one for the 1971 AMC Javelin SST.

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